Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here I Am!

Alright People,

Calm down, calm down!

I'm here, I'm here!

I wish I could tell you that this is going to be a great long post....butI highly doubt it. But lets keep an open mind and just see what happens!
The only reason I even have a spare second to blog is because my class was canceled.....on the second day.....who cancels class on the second day? Oh well! I'm not complaining!

Anyways, as you all know, I've been fairly busy lately. I've had a couple trips and some visitors and maybe a little wedding....ya know, just stuff like that!
I figure since most of the people who read my blog are people who were also at that little wedding of mine..... so I'll start with a honeymoon update (since I know for FACT, that none of you were there)!

Oh boy! It was amazing. I would recommend Puerta Vallarta to anyone and everyone! Just absolutely lovely! Purely delightful!

Here's how it went:

Day 1: Sunday: Garrett and I woke up early and headed to the airport for our 8:30 flight. We had tickets with Delta to get us to Salt Lake City and then we switched to American Airlines to go to Dallas and then finally PV. Long story short, they canceled the flight to SLC due to a storm the night before that had messed up the plane's computer system. So Garrett jumped in line to get put on another flight (along with the other 30 people who were there) and I jumped on the phone with Delta trying to figure something out there. We probably waited for at least an hour with no real results. The lady on the phone told me that she would be happy to rebook our flight to Salt Lake...and the soonest she could get us there would be Tuesday. She also said that all they wouldn't put us on another airline to Salt Lake....they would only refund our 70$ and then we could try to buy a last minute (and expensive) ticket on another airline at our own cost. Wha?!?! I started my spheal full of "That is unacceptable!"'s and raised voices. Luckily, my new husband calmly took over and presented 'rule 204' (or something official like that) which....I don't even know what that did but......at the end of his conversation with the phone-delta lady, we were scheduled to fly out of Boise Sunday night and arrive in PV early the next morning! We still waited in line the rest of the time to chat with the in-person-Delta lady to verify everything was good to go. She printed us out an official itinerary and everything and told us to come back that night.
So....we went home and opened presents and spent the day with the fams......which was lovely.....but also, who wants to be hangin out at home when they're supposed to be on a honeymoon? No offense, mom!
So we hurried back to the airport that night and showed them our itinerary so they could give us our official tickets. Then! This guy, Kevin, (Practically the villian of the whole story) came out and basically says "Sorry, we take it back. I know we told you we'd be getting you to PV tomorrow morning, and you thought you were all taken care of so you went home and opened presents and took naps instead of figuring something out, but we don't care and we will NOT be getting you anywhere except Salt Lake City. Hah! In your face, you happy newlyweds! Yes, I just ruined your honeymoon...but I don't even care!" Seriously....that's like exactly what he said! I know! How could they do that?! Well...apparently since our Delta tickets only took us to Salt Lake, they decided that's all they were responsible for....even though it was their fault that we missed the rest of our American Airlines flights.
I was full of tears and raised voices and "You're ruining our honeymoon!" and Kevin was all like "We're not responsible to get you to Mexico" and I was all, "Yes you are! You made us miss the rest of our flights! And you took full responsibility this morning by giving us the beautiful itinerary! That was taking responsibility! Otherwise we would have been figuring something out all day instead of opening dang presents!" And he was all "Blah blah blah! I want to ruin all happiness in the world....and no! I won't even give you a hotel to stay in tonight...you're going to have to stay at your parents house I guess (seriously...that last part...he really truly did say!). So I'm like crying and calling all my resources (ie: Kyle, Tiffini, Mom, etc) and then this wonderful Delta lady, Ellen, (the hero) came up and was like "Oh honey, don't cry, what's wrong" and I was like, "Well...you ruined our honeymoon!" and she was just so great and kicked Kevin off the case and took over! After working with her we were back on track to get to Puera Vallarta (just another 12 hours late) and we had a nice hotel to stay in with $40 dollars of dinner vouchers!
Moral of the Story: Don't be a Kevin, be an Ellen!
After Sunday, all the other days kinda blended into one. So I'll just show you the basics.

We spent a lot of time in airports. Happy to be finally on our way to Mexico. Sad that we're not already there playing in the waves of the ocean. Playing cards and being interrupted by a man wearing a strange Alaska shirt and who couldn't really talk. We played a couple games of hearts with him. He laughed at me because I lost BADLY every time. Don't worry, I got a picture!!

The resort was absolutely breathtaking! We even got our room upgraded from a 'partial ocean view' to a 'full ocean view' and they gave us a free beach cabana thing every day! For the first time it really felt like a honeymoon!

It was so ridiculously humid! But luckily our room had a de-humidifier machine in it. We kept the doors and windows shut at all times, but the bucked still filled up with water from the air practically every day. There sure is a lot of water in that air!

We spent most of our time at the beach. We read our books, swam in the ocean, walked along the sand, took naps in our cabana thing, drank fruity drinks (virgin, mind you), slept in the hammock, and just basked in the sun! It was something I've been longing for for a very long time!

Going out! About a block away was this adorable little marina thing with tons of massive yachts and sailboats and adorable little shops and restaurants! We walked around here almost every night!

ya! scary!

The food. Mmm.

Best shrimp we've ever had:

Zip-line day! We pulled out our mad bargaining skills and booked a zip-line trip for a steal of a deal! Normally it's $85 per person...but I got both of us there for $75 total! Ya baby!!! Unfortunately it was raining so we couldn't bring our camera but it was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever done in my entire life!! I was super nervous the whole way there. For some reason, when we booked the trip, I forgot that I'm afraid of heights...I know! Silly Kaela! I was terrified at the start, but luckily the first 3 are like so small and low and then by the time you get to the scary ones, it's too late to turn back. But it was incredible! As I was zipping across a quarter of a mile long line, 200 meters in the air above a crazy cool river/waterfall thing, I decided that if I fell and died...it wouldn't even be that bad because this gorgeous sight would've been the last thing I saw...and I'm on my honeymoon....so life was pretty great! It was amazing! The only sucky thing was that all this rusty water stuff sprayed all over our clothes and ruined them....but it was worth it still!!!

On the last day Garrett and I woke up early and went downtown to do some shopping! Heaven! I am quite the bargainer, if I do say so myself! We got this awesome marble chess set and a couple other really fun things! But my favorite is definitely this little bead nativity set! It's so cool! Click on the pic if you can't see the details! Vallarta was really really slow, so everyone was desperate for our money! So we got some really really great deals! It was so SO much fun!

Well, this post was longer than I expected and as a result I am behind on my massive to do list. School is going well and our little home is coming together! Pictures to come!

Love ya!

Kaela Frame! (still can't get over that!)

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  1. hahaha. i laughed through that entire thing. you are so funny.

    sorry about the flight crap and stupid kevin-face. good thing ellen was there!!

    you def got hooked up on your honeymoon!! lucky! sounded amazing!

    congrats you two!


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