Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm sick, so don't judge...

Dear Mom,

Yes, this is like the 50th post in .2 seconds. I know. But I'm sick. And bored. And I don't have much else to do. Husband is at school working so hard. I just finished writing a paper and I don't have class for like 4 more hours. So here I am.
Hooray for blogs.
Booo for sickness.


So, as I sit here in my so cute bed! I decided that I am going to tell you a little story (you know you love them):

Once upon a time last night was the worst night ever! Yup. Ever. First of all, I am a weird sleeper. I get stinkin hot, but I have to have a blanket on me. Just a sheet won't do! It has to be pressure! So last night I was sooo hot! And I was like all whisperey, "Hun, can I turn this fan on?" and he's asleeping and he says, "Sure, but it's not that hot, just take the blanket off." And I said, "I can't.....I have to have pressure....but I'm so dang hot." Yup. So then I just decided to try to fall back asleep with the blanket off but I couldn't fall asleep without it. Strange Kae. And then I went to turn the fan on but there was another blanket in the way and instead of moving it I just got frustrated and left the fan off. It was the middle of the night. I'm not very patient in the middle of the day, much less the middle of the night. (Shout-out to Nat: sorry I was mean to you in my sleep all the time.)
Also, Marriage is an adjustment. It's not like super hard or anything, but you kinda gotta learn how to live with someone else...... The husband and I aren't used to sleeping with someone else in our bed. I used to wake up completely twisted and turned with my head where my feet go... and it was never a problem. Until I started sharing a bed. Sometimes we struggle. We keep each other up, we steal the blanket (and then we/I just yank and yank until I get some blanket for myself), we crowd, and push, and move all around. I sigh in my sleep and make weird little noises. Sometimes I wake up and I'm like whining in my sleep. And Garrett's like, "babe, what's wrong, are you okay?" And normally I'm like 'oh crap, think of something that's wrong....' but usually there isn't anything (except lately cause I'm sicky.) Anyways, sleeping in the same bed has been a teensy weensy bit of an adjustment!
Well last night, at approximately 4:28 in the morning, Sweet Husband rolls over and pulls me in and says "mmmm, hi babe." And I'm thinking "Oh, that's my husband, I should wake up and give him some attention." And we kinda chat and stuff, and he's like "What time is it?" and I roll over and tell him (reminder: it's 4:28 in the A.M.) and he's like "oh! I must have had a dream that the alarm went off...." and then he rolls back over and falls back asleep!! And I'm especially awake now that not only am I so burning hot with this fleece blanket on me, but my husband TALKED with me which totally woke up my brain! So then I just sat there forEVER.
Then finally I fell back asleep and like 40 minutes later I hear this huge crack-slide-bang noise. And then I feel something falling on my head. And then Instinctive Husband jumped on top of me and starts saying "It's okay, I'm here, I'm here" really fast. I think I was freaking out or something. Turns out our huge cork board fell off the wall right above my head. So then I'm even more awake because my heart is all racing so I just sit there even more awake...but I get to think about how cute and protective my Husby is.
And then! I had a stinkin cough attack! My sickness kills me every second it can! It was sucky! So I went and got a cough drop and kept the husband awake on accident while I sucked on it. Sucky times a quadrillion!
So that's pretty much the extent of sleep that I got. I drifted back to sleep a baby bit, but then I had a dream about a guy who worked at winco. I was walking in the parking lot and so was he, and my friend almost got ran over and so I yelled "Christine, be careful!" and then he said "Don't do that!" and I said all attitudy, "Don't tell me what to do?!" and then he grabbed me in a choke hold and started hitting my head with his fist....which really didn't bother me as much as the fact that he was messing up my ponytail. And then all of a sudden two bicycle cops were there and they saved me. And I tried to get the guy fired. And then I woke up because I was all in a panic again about my poor pony-tail.

It was a rough night.

To say the least!

Anyways, after feeling so not good. And then having an awful night of sleep last night, I've decided to take up my challenge to eat really healthy! Fo Reals Yo!

So lots of fruits and veggies! And only things that I make....nothing that's pre-made and I just heat up!
When I was a freshman I realized that anything that is cheap, quick, or easy is unhealthy! And unfortunately I don't have money or time! So unhealthy was what I mostly settled for! Dr. Oz (from oprah!) says to have one meal be the same every single day. I think I'm going to do steel-cut oats. That's what Dr. Oz it must be good. I don't know what else I'll make. I'll probably have to plan a menu that I can actually stick to this and not get super hungry and eat mac&cheese in the moment. Mmmm, but I do love me some mac & cheese!
My goal is to make it a whole week without eating anything preservativey. Yup. That's the goal.

I really don't eat that unhealthy. I make healthy dinners with meats and veggies and stuff...but sometimes, for a snack, I make a little something I like to call: a frosting sandwich! It's good. Better with white bread than wheat bread though....even more unhealthy, I know. I just think my body will feel a lot better if I step it up a little. Feel free to accept the challenge with me! (or give me any healthy recipes you know of!)


Sorry this was a super lame post. I know it was. But cut me some slack!

LoooooooooVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kaela, I know these posts are to your Mom, but I read them anyways.. and I just love them. You make me laugh, I was smiling the whole time while I read because I just think you are so funny. We'll have to take advantage of how close we live and get together sometime, it's been soo long, huh?

  2. Yes Lis, let's please be friends! And the posts aren't really only for my of course you can read em! Miss you! Can we really play?!

  3. We've been trying the whole foods/healthy thing too. You have GOT to watch Food Inc. on your netflix instant. It CHANGED my life... Chase watched it too and he is totally on board!


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