Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight!

Dear Mom,

Today I am sick at home. I don't know what with. But it's sucky. I feel like I get sick way too often. And every time I get sick I think to myself, "Self, it's probably because you don't eat very healthy. That's IT! ONLY HEALTHY FOOD FROM NOW ON...or at least for a whole week or something." I say that every time. I make a whole plan in my head of how I'm going to eat steel cut oats for breakfast every morning....or whole wheat english muffins with egg whites on top. I know that's healthy because that's what I ate with Tiffini every day when I visited in April. It grew on me. And then for lunch I'll have something like a chicken salad (no dressing...because I don't even like it anyways), or broccoli or something. I'll have some fruit as a snack. And then for dinner I'll have like green beans...with something else. Yup. I tell myself this every time. I even said it this morning. And then I went and made a pizza quesadilla. Sigh.
Anyways! I am determined to be so productive today! I already cleaned out and organized my entire closet! And my shelf in the bathroom! And I want to finish hanging the pictures in our bedroom. But most of all....I need to find my passport, social security card, and my birth certificate. I know! Who loses such important documents!? Especially all at the same time! But I can't find them anywhere! When I was little I used to 100% honestly believe that trolls used to come into my room at night and mess it up....trolls or Leah. Truly. I was convinced that that was how my room was getting so messy! I'm starting to believe they're back. And they stole all my stuff!
Leah.....if it was you I promise I won't be mad! ;D! I just need them back.

Before we got married, I had my Drivers License, my Birth Cert, and my Soc. Security Card ALLL in my planner. And then I started keeping my Passport in there too. My sweet almost-husband (now real life husband) advised me to maybe put some of the documents somewhere else so that when I lose my planner, I won't have lost my existence with it. Well sweet husband! I still know where my planner is! I just lost my existence! I remember taking them out and putting them......and then I forget!

So....I have Eye of the Tiger playing right now (and the whole 4th mix- shout out to MJ, Jern, and Tru for that one!). Did you know that Eye of the Tiger is the most commonly requested song during labor. Yup. It's that motivating that Mothers rock out to it while they are giving birth!! So it's bound to help this sick little girl find her existence too, si?!

Ugh! Wish me luck!


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