Thursday, September 16, 2010

just to clarify

Dear Healthy Eating Plan of mine,

I don't know why I even committed to you. Had I only committed to you in my'd already be long gone. But my silly self just had to blog about it. Now it's like official.
Yesterday, I ate healthy in the morning. Oatmeal is healthy right? And it's kinda like steel-cut oats? I don't even really know what that stuff is. So I went with oatmeal. And then a nice turkey sandwich with wheat bread and some carrots for lunch. And then I came to school and someone gave me a free 100 Grand candy bar. I unwrapped it and then though "Uh oh...I'm supposed to be eating healthy. Maybe I should just save this for husband. But it's already unwrapped................" and all those .'s symbolize me eating it. And then I said "Guess I'll just have to start again...tomorrow!"
I didn't even eat that unhealthy for the rest of the day yesterday though. Which really was my whole plan all along. Ya know, live it up while I can. The only unhealthy thing I ate was a pudding....oh and a rice crispy treat. But I think that's it. But I didn't really eat that many veggies. I could have done better.


So anyways, tomorrow is today. And so I've begun. Again.

Healthy Breakfast.....check!

Now as long as no one hands me free candy I think I'll be okay.

Just to clarify:
Here are the rules I made up for my challenge.
  1. Zero candy/desserts/sweets/....basically nothing that tastes good :D. (Jk, I actually really like the taste of healthy food. I just also enjoy the taste of candy)
  2. Lots of Veggies. I'm talkin...a real good amount. The food pyramid says at least 2.5 cups. That doesn't seem that painful at all. I like veggies! That'll be easy peasy!
  3. Fruits too! I love me some fruit! And I have a really healthy recipe for an all healthy smoothie. It really is real sugar or nutin! So my goal is to make one of those a day. (maybe for breakfast....or maybe when G is eating his ice cream? ya!)
  4. At least 8 cups of water per day. Last semester I was in a fitness for life class and we learned all about the benefits of drinking lots of water. My teacher challenged us to drink 1 gallon of pure water (no juices or lemonade) a day for 3 days straight. He said it was the best way to cleanse your body out there....way better than all those other lemon juice crap things. So I'm going to take up that challenge again. And then after the 3 days I'll go down to the regular 8cups.
  5. Exercise every day. Yuck. This is the one I'm dreading. I don't really mind exercising...and I can get really into it...but it's juts hard at the beginning. But I'm doin it! Here I come!
Okay...and my goal is to do all of this for 1 week mistakes. If I mess up I have to start over! Yuck!

There we go. Now it's SUPER official!

Wish me luck...again!


p.s. another clarification: this isn't like a weight thing or anything. it's really just because I want to see if I can feel a difference when I treat my body well. And I'm sick of getting sick.

The end.

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  1. so, randomly at the table tonight ellie asks... "mom, do you really know garrett?"
    i was like "what?"
    she said, "You know, garrett. did you get to talk to him and stuff?"
    "kaela's garrett?" i asked.
    "yeah" she said, "i really don't even know him. i mean, i feel like i have a cousin that i don't even know."
    "second cousin once removed" anna added.
    i assured her that garrett was a nice boy :) and that she would get to know him sometime... she said, "I hope so, cause it's just weird." then changed the subject.

    isn't that funny?!
    oh, kids.

    ps. i stopped eating sweets when we got back from summer... it was hard the first week, cause i think i had started craving crap. but now, even if i do take a bite, sweet stuff isn't even good to me.
    and, i started loving apples again.
    good luck on day 2!


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