Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear Mom,

Today is a good day. This is a good life. I am happy.

Here's my life in a list:

1. The monthiversary went extremely well! For dinner, I stepped it up and made a little something I like to call Flat Iron Steak w/ Bleu Cheese Butter! Mmm. I've only cooked flat iron steak one other time (last semester) and it turned out a little dry. This time was MUCH better! I pan seared it and it was perfect! could have used another minute on the pan but we were in a rush! But it actually worked out perfectly because then when we re-heated it for leftovers is was perfect! Also, we went to the temple! It was just the loveliest day!
Don't we just look like we've been married for a whole month?! I think so!
2. I love being a wife. Seriously though, being a homemaker looks good on me I think. I LOVE to make fun dinners! The other day I made a little something called Creamy Bacon Chicken. It was delish! And on Saturday we did fondue! It was sooo fun and good! And cooking isn't even the extent of it! The other day I was just sitting at home and then I just started dusting completely out of the blue! I know! It wasn't even that dusty...but now it's like so spotless! See...

3. I finally went to the doctor again last week. The doctor couldn't figure out anything wrong with me and said that since the headache was the only constant sicky thing that I should just go home and drink lots of fluids and get good rest. She told me to come back if any of the other symptoms come back. She did tell me to drink some caffeine though! She said it would help the headache! So you know I code-redded it up! Mmm mmm great!
3.5. P.s. Jen, the doc specifically said it was NOT the birth control...but since you are apparently my only still get a prize!

4. We're still super busy. Everyday I make a large 'to do' list full of yesterdays leftovers and the new 'do's' for today. But! We've finally got all our pictures hung on the wall and the apartment is pretty much all organized. The only thing we still need is a boxspring. Ya know how people always have their 'when I was a newlywed...' story. Well I always think about how I am writing my newlywed story right now! And one of my stories will definitely be "well...when I was a newlywed...we slept on the floor for the first 2 months." ...It's really only been a little over a month...but I'm giving us some buffer room :D.
And yes, that is the beginnings of this blog post in the background!

5. G's sister Laren came and stayed with us this past weekend! I was so excited to finally have a friend! She's great! We ate at in-n-out and went to a dollar movie! And she even came to Garrett's flag football game with me! She was great company and we had lots of fun! She didn't even make TOO MUCH fun of us when we went to bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night. But I'M I have an excuse ;)

6. I think getting married automatically pushes you into like a different realm. 1. We go to bed before midnight every night. And then we wake up around 8 and can't even go back to sleep.....yes, even on weekends!! 2. I get all motherly. When Lo was here I was all "oh here, let me make up the couch for your bed" and "if you need anything..." and I kept thinking "Wow, I"m so motherly sounding. That's weird." And 3.....this one is hard to admit...but I think we're not very funny anymore. I'm pretty sure I used to be somewhat humorous. But I'm pretty sure that G and I are the only ones who laugh at each others jokes anymore and oftentimes I find myself thinking (as I'm laughing) "That's totally something my mom/dad would say." Ya! I know! It's crazy!

Anyways, I think that's all the update that I've got.

Oh! Tonight is pizza night! Be excited!

Love you! xo!


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