Tuesday, September 14, 2010

newlywed home

Dear Mom,

Remember when we used to drive in the more old-fashioned parts of town? The little streets with all the tiny houses with the cute little front porches and the small little yard. You'd always say, "These are just the cutest little newlywed homes." Because of that, I've always dreamed about what my little newlywed home would be like. I can't believe I'm actually living in it!!
Can I just say, Provo really doesn't treat it's newlyweds very well. For a town that has probably more newlyweds than any other town in the world, I just don't understand why the prices are so expensive and the homes are so dirty. Yuck. G and I searched and searched for the right place to live. We did hours of online research and then made organized lists of where we wanted to look along with all the prices and pro's/cons and questions we had about the place. I remember when we were driving around looking at places, Garrett said something like, "Even if we spend a long time cleaning a lot of these places, they're all the type of place that will never ever feel clean." Who wants to live in a place like that?! Neither of us!
Finally we found this AWESOME little apartment! It's a GREAT price! And it's really clean inside. The owners get the carpet cleaned after every tenant and the walls are painted often. We paid a tiny bit extra so we could have a new kitchen which has new cabinets, counter top, floors, and a brand-spankin-new stove- my favorite part! Here's how the kitchen looks! It's not completely cleaned and organized yet- hence the random boxes and bags on the stove and fridge...but you get the idea!

Yup, this is the table and chairs I made over the summ!

The living room is finally coming together! We just barely picked up our grandma VINTAGE couches! And yesterday I hung up some pictures! It's definitely still a work in progress....but it already feels like home! Gar and I are just so comfortable here! We love it!

The bathroom was my hardest room to deal with. The sink is literally the smallest sink I've ever seen in my life, and you could easily just reach up and wash your hands while you're on the potty. It's kinda squished in a "how am I supposed to get ready in here?!' kind of way! but it's definitely grown on me!

The bedroom....well we'll get to that another day! We're still looking for a box spring to put our mattress on....so for now the bed is on the floor, and my stuff still hasn't gotten organized! But we do have the cutest bedspread ever! I'll work real hard on it and hopefully show you next time!

The end.

Love, Kaela


  1. Kae i love this....i agree searching for housing in provo was horrible. but your place looks so cute. i am in love with your table and chairs!

  2. so cute!! i love it. we lived in the best little tiny one bedroom HOUSE in provo, right across from the train stop. people would knock on our door every Saturday morning to ask to use our phone...

    Our oven was only a half oven... you know the kind in the stories when the grandma has to cut the ham in half so it fits in her oven.

    how i love first homes.
    and your grammy couches are PERFECT.

  3. i do love seeing my photos on the wall!! ;)

    and i do believe that our sink ties with yours being the two smallest sinks in the world.

    at least you don't have orange carpet. lucky!


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