Tuesday, September 21, 2010

steppin it up.

Dear Friends,

I need your help. I have two tasks for you today.

I would like to step up my blog.
Ya know, not just another one of the template things that come with blogger.

And I want to be able to put a picture in the top little heading thing. And I want to be able to actually like have a say in how it's set up and stuff (more than blogger allows me to do so).

It's just that...I wouldn't mind my blog displaying a little more creativity. Ya know?

But how do I make it cool and unique?

Any help?

A prize goes to the person who can tell me what is wrong with me.

Yes, I am still sick.

Here's how it goes (this is pretty complainey...no offense taken if you spare yourself):

(last) Sunday: Headache. Dizzy. Felt like I was going to pass out.
Monday: Headache. Dizzy. + heavy chest. Easily out of breath (like just by talking on the phone).
Tuesday-Thursday: Same as Monday. Started taking like 50 ibprofens a day. Even though I HATE medicine!
Thursday Night: Headache still. + Got really really hot and didn't really sleep.
Friday: Cooled down a lot- felt better in the morning. Then almost passed out while standing to put makeup on (which was only like 2 minutes). Then almost passed out while trying to make a sandwich. Then I got really really hot. Like my body was burning up. And I had no energy.
Friday Night: Burned up all night. +Headache.
Saturday Morning: Felt like my fever broke. Not hot anymore. But still a bad headache. Finally felt like I was on the uphill.
Sunday: Headache but feeling still on the uphill. Then all of a sudden I broke out in hives from knee to hip. Whaaaa?! I know! (The hives only lasted a little bit because husband said (quote), "only girls who don't scratch get ice cream tonight." And I really wanted some icecream. I know, I'll start the healthy thing again when I'm done being sick.)
Anyways, Now it's Tuesday and my body is still really fatigued and my headache still hasn't gone away.

So....who can diagnose me? I'll give you something really really great! Promise.

Peace and Love. Yo!


1 comment:

  1. birth control pills... they make you crazy.
    just a guess.
    for the prize.
    and... i just fool around with a picture in picnik, i add a title and stuff and then save it different pixel widths and then enter it on the blog page where it says let the picture replace the heading or something like that... um, hope i'm helpful. good luck.


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