Wednesday, October 06, 2010

its official!!!

Dear Garrett,

I love you. I love being your best friend! And I love that we are married!

Since we got our pictures back 48 hours ago....I'm pretty sure I've spent like 10 hours just looking through them and organizing them and going over the whole day in my head again and again!

It was perfect wasn't it?

I wouldn't have changed a thing.

This pile of pics is form when we first came out as Mr. and Mrs. Frame!

Tay, justa waitin...
So excited!

....get used to a lot of this.
all my girls
G with his cute sis Madelyn. Love her smile!Sister hugs!
Cousin hugs!
And then we kinda just stood there while people took pictures of us. Kinda funny :D

The whole group!

Husbands family!Bride family!

And then we took pictures with the whole wedding party....but those got organized into another pile for another day! But I will sneak in a couple pictures of us after everyone left........

And then it was official!

This was when the whole whirlwind of the day began!

I loved it!

And I love you!

It was the best day ever, huh?!

I think so too.

Love you!


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