Thursday, October 07, 2010

now is the time

Dear Mom,

This is the one and only Mary Jane.

Isn't she a babe?

Well, she also happens to be one of my very best friends. We happened to be roommates our freshman year at Utah State and the fun times still haven't stopped!

Today we were reminiscing about how much fun we've had together! Most of our laughter stemmed from one particular summer. We both happened to stay in Logan to work and go to school.

In our dictionary, this summer is defined as 100% just plain silly.

We were weird. And funny.
We had weird little traditions and both of our dating lives were out of control. Literally.

We were just plain silly.

We were laughing as we remembered all these little things and a couple times I said to myself,
"What was I thinking?!"

And then I realized that that is what that time of life is all about. "What was I thinking?!" is exactly what I should be thinking as I look back on those years. That means I was living. And having fun! And being my age! I was being a 19-year-old freshman in college. I was making mistakes and falling on my face! And I was learning how to stand back up and keep on a-runnin!

If there is a time in life to 'not think', I would venture to suggest that freshman and sophomore year is the prime time!

It's the time to buy concert tickets instead of groceries, and overdraft your bank account with your rent payment. It's the time to stay up until 4 doing absolutely nothing, and do it again the next night just to make sure you don't miss anything. It's the time to buy the shoes that everyone else is wearing because you really think they're cool too....and totally worth that much money. It's the time to eat macaroni and cheese every day and and go to McDonalds in the middle of the night. It's the time to be a player...but totally on accident. It's just the time to have fun and be spontaneous and do whatever the heck you feel like!

But, of course, now that I'm all married and grown up and mature (:D) it's obviously the time for something else......

Do you want to know what time it is now?

Now is the time to make delicious dinners:

And then cut into them and realize that they are 100% raw.
It's time to take that raw chicken dinner and throw it back on the stove while (of course) simultaneously watching Glee.
And then before you know it the fire alarm is going off and your entire Chicken Cordon Bleu (from Rachael is burnt to a crisp on the outside and still completely raw in the middle.
Now is the time to stand on the porch panicking while watching smoke pour out the door and while husband tries to turn the fire alarm off.

Now is the time.

I kind of expected my no-sleep days to be over when I got married....but really, now seems to still be the time for no sleep. At least for us!
Now is the time that we are so frugal that we end up with the creakiest boxspring in the world. If I simply roll over, both of us end up awake...and I'm a very wiggly sleeper.

Now is the time that we are adjusting to sleeping next to someone else. Now is the time for blanket yanking and pillow stealing.

The other night, G woke up and couldn't find his pillow....he looked on the floor and all over his side of the bed...and then he looked over at me....I had mine AND HIS. Oops. For some reason I like to have one under my head and another one that I kinda squeeze and lean on, is that such a crime? G is patient and loving, even in the middle of the night. He just leaned over and (knowing full well that I had his pillow) said, "Hun, I can't find my pillow......" And then I said "um...I might have it....i REALLY like sleeping with a lot of pillows" and handed it over. I don't even remember taking it! In the morning I told him that and he said "Yeah me neither...but it was probably really violent." And he acts out me harshly yanking the pillow out from under his head.
So as you can is the time for no sleep...and lots of adjustment...and burnt dinners!!

Now is the time for too many wedding pictures on the wall. I'm every room of the house!

And now is the time to have the cutest bedspread evaaaa!

Now also also happens be the time for dates!

Most of the dates are budget dates. We're good at living on a budget. But TOMORROW'S date is NOT a budget date! But I guess technically it is because it's not coming out of our budget.....but if it were, it would be WAY outside of our budget! This is what it looks like!

But the most important part is::::::

May I just say, Wahoooooooooooooooo!

SO fun, huh?!

We're going to this awesome Brazilian grill in Salt Lake and then heading to the "Black Tie Event."

So, OBVIOUSLY, now is the time for WICKED AWESOME dates!

Now is the time.

And it is such a great time!!!!!!!!

That is all.


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