Thursday, October 21, 2010

the p-word

Hiya Guys,

Don't you think the blog world is funny?! Great! But funny!

Sometimes I think it's less of a place for keeping connections and more of a place for competition.

And that could totally be more of a reflection on me than the actual blog world. I admit it.

Anyways, due to the previous statement and also taking safety into account (after hearing plenty of horror stories of girls from the provo area!)....the Mr and I recently decided to change the status of love, kaela to private.

If you read me, that's totally great! Just send on over your email and I'll keep ya on the list.

I'm planning on making it official in a week. So....give me your email by Thursday the 28th. And don't worry...I'll make it so only I can see your email in the comments.

Loooourve you!!!!


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