Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Did you know that I ALWAYS forget my water bottle in the car?
Because I do.
And it is frustrating to the max.
What do I even do now?


Did you know that the other day I found my car in a different spot than I parked it in?
Because it's true.
This is what happened:

(just fyi...the following conversation happens in my own head. yes, i was the only one there)
"Hmm...where should I park?"
"oh look! there's a spot"
"dang, bad angle...I'll reverse in."
"don't hit the big white truck next to you Kaela"
"And make sure to stop before that yellow car behind you."
"Mmmm perfectly straight! Dag yo! I'm good! Garrett would be proud of that reversing job"

Here's where the story gets good!
See that orange car with the big green star on it?! THAT'S where my car was when I found it!
AND, it was super super crookedly parked. AND it wasn't reversed in anymore...it was nose-in.
I'm so 100% positive.
I don't even care if you believe me.
Because it's 100% true.

I promise.

Strange, huh?

I told Garrett that one day, after I die and I'm in heaven, I'm going to rewind my life tape until this day and then I can finally solve the mystery of the parking spots.
It'll be such a relief to finally know what happened!

The end.


Remember that time I was taking a 1-2 week break from the internet world?
Yeah, that's over. Just a little early :D.

Life is good.
I have no complaints!
Not even a single one!

I'm happy.

The real end!



  1. That's funny (follow up to your comment) ! Did you know that I LOVE reading your blog? It's so cute, I love your take on life. Sometime we should communicate in real person, we do live in the same city...

  2. hahahahahaha... I'm still laughing!!! You're sure Garrett didn't do it? Ha. that's what you get for leaving your keys in your car! :D


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