Saturday, October 02, 2010

Prepare yourself.... this is random.

Dear Mom,

This is what I'm eating right now.

Yes. That IS a captain crunch milkshake. Wanna know the secret on how to make them SOO good?
Blend the Ice Cream/milk up first. Then when it's the perfect consistency, add in a handful of cap'n crunch and blend it for like 10 seconds. It's perfect perfect perfect!
I used to just throw in the cereal, milk, and ice cream all at once and it is NOT even CLOSE to as good!
Trust me

Today was General Conference. This is how we watched.
We woke up and made a nice waffle breakfast and then snuggled up on the couch to be taught by the leaders of our church.
It was great!

Also, yesterday was BYU v. USU football game.
Just to make sure you understand the severity of the situation:
  • Utah State is MY school.
  • BYU is HUSBANDS school.
  • When I became Mrs. G Frame, I informed the Mr. that I think I could bear to cheer for BYU as long as they weren't playing: Utah State, Boise State, or Texas (which they will be playing Texas next fall! I think I hear a trip to Bri, Matt, and Dara calling us!!!).
  • Utah state has a GREAT basketball team....but Aggie, it's been pretty pitiful.
  • BUT! We've been holding our own recently.
  • And definitely having an off season....or a 'building' season as BYU calls it :D
  • was looking like the ag's might actually have a chance against the cougs.
  • But....
  • The last time the ag's beat the cougs was in 1993.
  • And before that was 1883.
  • Ouch.

This was me before the game. Hopefull.....but nervous.....but trying to stay confident for my school!

We went to watch the game with a couple other couples from church. It was really fun....but all the other couples go to BYU of course.
I, OF COURSE, wore my USU shirt....and G wore his BYU shirt.
We still want to make I couldn't cheer for Utah State that openly.

See.....we can be cheering for opposing teams....and still love each other.

Sidenote: Have I told you yet how ANXIOUS I am to get my wedding pictures? Please Please Please! I'll do anything!

Okay, back to the game...
Just look at this picture and GUESS who won!

Utah State! Hey! Aggies all the way! Go Aggies! Go Aggies! Hey! Hey! Hey!

We (as in the Utah State) beat them (as in BYU) pretty badly!
At one point it was 17-0. Aggies!
In the end it was somethin' like 31-16. Aggies!!!!!!!!!!

This is my game face........
It was a wonderful night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I went to the doc yesterday. Yes, I am still sick.
3 weeks.
Death is how I feel. Actually...I've been feeling a little better today and yesterday. They finally gave me some hopefully things start getting better!

But....I think what will REALLY make me feel better is some wedding pictures!!!!!!!!! Pah-lease!

We have some random empty frames around our house. I'm just waaaaaiiiiiitttting so patiently.

These are the frames in our room that we just put up! Also, feel free to notice our dirty laundry :D And our cute bedspread!

I just had cereal for dinner. G is in Salt Lake with his 2 best friends for a few hours so I just get to chillax and...........alright, okay...I'm really bored.
Can't you tell?

Hmmmm....I think that's all I can even think of to say.

The end.


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