Monday, October 25, 2010

random shmandom

i'm craving christmas.

this morning i sat on my couch and watched a workout video. maybe tomorrow i'll actually do it.

did you know that i've now known g. frame for 5 years now? five. that's a lot. and he's been my best friend for like that whole time! mmmm! i love that husband.

at church on sunday I got stuck in the bathroom stall. for like 5 minutes. literally. not an exaggeration. okay....maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. but really- i probably hit 2 minutes. i was like banging on the door trying to budge it...finally it opened. and then i got weird looks as i walked out of the bathroom completely out of breath. hah!

i get hiccups probably 3 times a day. every day. huge FROG hiccups. hiccups that jolt my body so much that it makes my stomach hurt. and garrett just laughs.

g. frame still makes my heart flutter and my stomach giddy.

yesterday i made cookies that tasted like a mixture of the holidays and childhood. thank you jen for the amazing cook book!

this post would have random pictures to go along with these random comments but i left my camera card in one of the computers in the uvu lab. pray with me that someone turned it in and didn't steal it. come on utahins! pull through for me!

if i take like 21 credits for the next two semesters, i can graduate next christmas. and i think i'm going to go for it so i don't have go go to uvu anymore. yulch.

life is good.

today is grocery shopping day! going to the supermarket is like one of my favorite things to do. it always has been. and today i get to go!

also. chicken is ALREADY marinating for tonights dindin. dear husband, be excited. love, wifey.

i'm in class right now and the teacher brought oreos! good thing i watched a workout video this morning!

once, we used to not have any married friends. and now, we do. not to be braggy...but we're pretty popular at church.

(p.s. i'm 100% totally kidding. we only have 1 other couple friend. but having one friend makes all the difference.)

the other day i was driving and this is exactly what i thought, "g is DEFINITELY my favorite husband!" ...and my only husband....but that's besides the point.

oh! did you know that it's called 'windCHILL?' not 'windshield.' apparently for my whole entire life I've been saying it wrong. like, "mom, it's 7 degree's here...and the windshield is -2." APPARENTLY it's wind chill. not windshield. yes, the husband laughed. a lot.

alright. i think that's all the randomness in me for today.

love you all!


p.s. oh. and! today i wore lipstick. the end.


  1. Oh Kaela, I miss you! I'm so sad we just missed you at Nate's reception. We walked in and I saw you guys sittin at the table and thought "Good, they're still here" but when we got out of the line you weren't.

    Can we be married friends? Let's plan a double date or something.

    I literally lol'd when you said 'my teacher brought oreos today, good thing I watched a work out video this morning'. Hahaha. You make me laugh.

    I need your number so we can plan a g2gether.

  2. red lipstick? HA!
    what a great blog. i like.

  3. hahaha. kaela, you crack me up.

  4. Kaela you are more than welcome to look at my blog.. i do have to apologize though because most of my post are pretty boring! I hope you don't mind if i follow yours also. Looks like you and garrett are doing well!


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