Monday, October 04, 2010


Dear Mom,

Remember how our photographer was such a blessing?! Just a tender little mercy from Heavenly Father! After photographer #1 bailed, Garrett's really good family friend, also known as Colleen Bell, called us and offered to shoot our whole wedding if we would simply pay for her to fly out from California! I cried. Yup. I did. She heard about our situation and jumped at the opportunity to help us out! It's touching when you realize how big of blessings the people in your life are. Colleen Bell was one of our greatest blessings from the wedding and we can't express our gratitude enough!

Anyways! We finally got the wedding pictures!!!!!

After looking through all 1400 of them, I decided to break them up by event/location. And we'll start at the beginning!

The rehearsal dinner or the RD as I like to call it!

Oh my this was one my most special memories from the wedding!
The Frames put on a beautiful dinner in their gorgeous front yard (with such a great view)! It was catered by an amazing Mexican restaurant from Eagle that was oh-so-yummo!

I'll just jump right into it:::::

I remember at the beginning just looking around at everyone mingling and laughing and getting to know each other. I just smiled to myself.
This is what our wedding was all about....bringing our families together to celebrate G and I starting our own family. All the people who were most important to us were there (in spirit, if not in person) and it meant the world to us. We sure got spoiled.

One of G's (and now my) best friends from California! She made the long trip out and then became our second shooter for the wedding! We were sooo lucky to have here and soooo glad she could be part of our day!
G-ma Frame meeting Kyle and Tay.

Cousins who came all the way from Texas! I told you....spoiled :DMy best friends! So glad they could be there with me!

Mama Frames besties...they couldn't stop laughing together! Made me smile every time I saw them. That's how me and my bests will be.
Luckily best friends approve of husband! I sure love that boy!
Cutest niece evaaaa!

Again, the food was DELICIOUS!!!
Dessert = Homemade ice cream! I had like 3 bowls!

Then everyone went around and introduced themselves and said how they were connected to the bride or groom. I know I'm being cheesy, but it was just really special to see all the people who had such a great impact on our lives all in one place.

My stunning biggest sis!
Kyle, Jade, AND baby Ryenn
Matt and Baby Beck....I'm thinkin that baby looks good on him ;D

Clinking Glasses
Funnest tradition ever!!!!!!

The parentals saying a few words. It meant so much to us.
B is G's best friend since of course he was his best man.
He gave a great toast with lots of laughs and a few tears. Couldn't have asked for anything better!
The whole RD I just thought, "wow, I have too many blessings to count"
I can't help but laugh out loud every time I see this picture? Isn't my dad this cutest? Just chillaxin while listening to the toasts!
Leah was my MOH. In her toast she gave us some beautiful advice! The things she said really touched our hearts and I think of her advice often!

So, that's that for the RD.
Overall, it was lots of laughing and lots of fun! Our families were able to get to know each other, which was the main objective. And the toasts still make me smile and get a little teary when I think of them! All the little details the Frames did put it above and beyond what we could have imagined! The whole thing was just absolutely perfect!
More pics coming later on....maybe even today if you're lucky! (plus I'm pretty obsessed with the pictures so I probably won't be able to help it!)

LoooooooooooooVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. cute! i'm so sad we missed it.

    and i can't wait to see the rest!


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