Wednesday, October 13, 2010

weekend review

Dearest APX alarms,

I am just going to do a quick update of the fantastic weekend you gave us before I take a little break from the blog world...and the internet world all together. Just for a couple days. I think I'll be a little more productive.
Don't worry, it won't be that long....maybe a week...maybe two....we'll see. That hardly even counts as a break for most people.

Anyways! I wanted to say thank you for last weekend! It was INCREDIBLE! I had so much fun with the Husby and I have the pictures to prove it!

We are so lucky to work for such an awesome company that takes such good care of it's employees!
Friday night was the 'Black Tie Event.' It was so great! We even took the traditional 'we're going to a dance' pictures!

First we went out to dinner and ate so much that I regretted my decision to wear a fitted dress. But it was sooo good! And then we headed to the Salt Lake Country Club for the real party!

At the Restaurant!

We mainly hung out with B and his date Rachel. It was so fun!

Oh my I felt like royalty! Seriously. At one point I even said, "I seriously feel like I'm on the Titanic." There was a string quartet and all these people walking around serving hours d'oeuvres like chocolate covered strawberries, mini cheesecakes, and then all these things that looked so fancy I couldn't even bring myself to try them! It reminded me of 'It Takes Two' when either Mary Kate or Ashley is at that fancy party thing and she gets served snail off of one of those tray things. Ya!

The professional photographers, comedians, magicians, Tahitian dancers, flame throwers, and bands just put it over the top! And the raffles were awesome- 4 day cruises, weekends in Park City, macbooks, parasailing lessons, nordstorm giftbags, tons of gift cards, stereo systems, etc! And then there was a dance party at the end! It was just amazing!

It was a great party and we were with great company! APX sure does treat it's employees well! And we hung out with G's office a ton which was a blast. It makes me really really excited for next year! Maybe we can go to Atlanta or Dallas!!!!!

It was really fun....and it was like the latest we've stayed out since we got married 9 weeks ago.
Needless to say, we were exhausted the next day!
But APX had another so great night planned for us!

Thank you, APX, for bringing in Travis Pastrana and NitroCircus for all of the employees. I didn't know who Travis Pastrana was (and yes, i had to google his name just now to make sure I had it right), but apparently he's like the worlds greatest motocross guy. He can do a DOUBLE back flip in the air on his bike! It was insane! I was freakin out!
he dropped in out of a helicopter
that's him
just like Hot Rod
it was really cool!
this is the kind of stuff they did!

and these pictures don't even give it justice! or show off the coolest parts!

Best part? It was ALL free! Both nights!
So, thank you APX, for giving us an AWESOME date weekend! We love you!


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