Friday, October 22, 2010

happy today!

Yesterday was not a good day.
It's just impossible to have a good day when you step in water while wearing socks, and then 5 minutes later, snag that same (brand-new) sock on a nail and rip it.
Needless to day, it was just one of those days.

Today is a good day!

Why, you ask?

Well because:
1. I slept in. Until 10:30. Which is like an olympic record for me these days. Being all married got me all 'early to bed, early to rise-ish'. But not today! Today I was like a single-person-sleeping-in machine!!!

2. I'm about to have some leftover mac&cheese for lunch! leftover mac&cheese is like my fav favorite!

and also.

3. Today I started with this picture:

and I turned it into this:::

Which color do you like best?

I got the silhouette idea awhile ago but just haven't gotten around to actually spending the time on it. And then the other day, my good friend Sydney posted about a vintage poster that she made and I just had to try it all together. I LOVE the fonts she used on hers, but I couldn't find such cute ones for mine. I think she's going have to tutor me in crafts one of these days!

I think it'll be a nice little addition to our nice little home.
But I don't know what color I like best. So some help there would be appreciated!
And I'll totally show you how to make one if you'd like.



p.s. don't forget to leave me your email because the blog is going private in T-minus 6 days.

1 comment:

  1. SOOOOOOO adorable!! I totally want to learn how to do that somehow. Seriously that is the cutest sillouette I've seen! I like the first one (with black faces on white) and the brown and cream version. SOSSSSSSSSSsoooo cute, xoxo


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