Friday, November 19, 2010

broken heart

Today I am suffering from a broken heart.

My poor Aggies suffered a devastating loss on Wednesday against BYU.

Remember last year? Oh that was heaven! Pure heaven!

Can I just be honest for quick sec?
In my opinion, I deserved this win! I did! I earned it by not being able to live in Logan.
If I have to live in Provo, my team better beat their team! It would make it a little more bearable.

Both teams played well.

Lots of fouls. Lots of not-fouls that got called as fouls. On both sides.

Also, lots of devoted BYU fans sitting around us. We bought tickets so we wouldn't have to sit with the students of either school. For the safety of our marriage (:D), we hoped for a neutral setting. One old man was pretty straightforward with his dislike for my Aggie cheers. Every time I would say anything, he'd shout 'scoreboard!' in my direction. Come on old man, go turn 90 or something! Rude face. I'm allowed to cheer for my team! Okay, but actually, I kind of admire that old man. I hope that I'm just as feisty and committed to my teams when I'm older too. So good on ya!

Can I be even more dramatic for a second? Oh man, the loss hurt my heart. It did. And it was hard to see Husband standing up singing the BYU song at the end of the game. In my efforts to be a good sport, I stood up and clapped along with him. But lets be honest, I'm not a very good sport. I used to think I was. But lets just face it, I'm not. Not when it comes to Utah State and BYU. I try really really hard though!

All night I had nightmares to the tune of "Rise and Shout! The cougars are out!" And that's the only line I know so it was just that little tune over and over and over. Heck, I say. Heck!

I'm glad it was a good game though! I love a good fight from both sides! Other than the final score, the game was really fun! Especially because Leah, Chasers, and Beckster came with us! Here are the pictures!

Don't worry, our marriage is still in good standing!

Beck still loves his Uncle G, even though they have different taste in teams :D

Me with the littlest Aggie!

USU through and through!

Their cute little Aggie Family!

At least I get to spend all Saturday in Logan! My home away from home!!!



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