Friday, November 12, 2010

that one time

Hi Mom,

Tonight was kind of a stinky night. Just one of those nights. Yuck, I say.

Our good friend Aaron is marring a so cute girl named Jill next week. And so tonight all the boys got together to go eat some man food (aka Goodwood) and then watch some man sports (aka the kickoff byu basketball game) and the girls were getting together to go to a ceramics painting place. I was super excited. I even got all ready. Evidence:

keep reading for an explanation of the 'bleh' face

Anyways, I drove all the way out to the shopping center that the ceramics place is supposed to be....and of course I couldn't find it. The parking was awful, so I had to park really far away and then I just walked around forever looking for the place.

I never found it.

But! I did find a Borders bookstore and I sat down in one of their comfy leather chairs listening to the Christmas music and reading decorating books. And that, my friend/mother, is one of my most favorite things to do in the whole world.

So that was good.

After getting my fill of interior design, I came back home to my empty apartment and put some comf clothes on. :D.

On my way into the kitchen I grabbed some lotion to rub on my dry and freezing hands! And then I peered into the fridge looking for anything that would cheer me up. A swig of eggnog almost did the trick....and I knew a string cheese would finish me off!

Pretty sure I stood in the kitchen for like 5 minutes just trying to open my dang string cheese...but my hands were too slippery from the lotion. In the end I was defeated by the string cheese and I'll have to try again after this post...hopefully my hands have absorbed a little bit of the lotion.

Moral of the story: If you're going to the ceramics shop in Provo, make sure you know exactly where it is first, AND never put lotion on before trying to open a string cheese.


Oh well! Movie time!



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  1. Kae you were so close, it's pretty much right across the street. I'm sorry! When are we going to play?


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