Sunday, November 07, 2010

I would like to introduce you to my favorite nephew!

His name is Beck!

Cute huh?

On Friday night Mr. G. Frame and I got to babysit him!

I was literally counting down the days until he came! Most of me was just so excited to spend time with the little guy. And part of me was looking forward to the free birth control that babysitting little babies often offers.

But if I'm being honest, spending time with Beck had just the opposite effect!

He is perfect! So happy all the time! Even when he was a little cranky cause he was tired he was still a joy to have in our home!

My favorite part by far was seeing G play with him and make him laugh. I just fell even more in love with that husband of mine!

Seriously, it was SUCH a fun night!

Whenever G would do this, Beck would crack up! I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to smile when a baby laughs!
Just playin with Aunt Kaela
Cuddlin with Uncle G

Sadly, at the end of the night we had to give him back to his parentals.

Luckily, they live close enough that I can just take a little drive to get my nephew fill! And I'm pretty sure one of those drives will be happening very soon!

Can't wait!



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  1. Awww!! I'm so glad you had fun with him!!! Our baby has the BEST Aunts and Uncles ever! love you kae!


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