Monday, November 15, 2010


Have I told you yet that Husband and I are millionaires?

At first we were super poor college student newlyweds....and then our fate changed from just one little email. Please read:

ikobo building Kensington
W85SP London, UK
DATE 17/04/2010

We have been waiting to hear from you for some time now even as our previous mail to you was not replied, I wish to inform you that your $1,000,000.00 (One Million US Dollars) "unclaimed" funds has been arranged in a special Master Card ATM and sent to Swift Courier Services for immediate delivery to you, I am traveling to China on a two months professional course and will not be back in UK till on the 29th of june 2010, please note that failure to claimed your funds before on the 25th of June 2010 will lead to your Master Card ATM being decleared as "undeliverable" and subsequently be returned to the Government as unclaimed Funds. YOUR PIN NUMBER IS: 3618 and the maximum withdrawal per day is $5,000.
Contact the General Manager, swift Courier Services London, Mr. HARRY FERGUSON as soon as you receive this mail.

with the following details:
1.Your Full Name, 2. Delivery Address/country, 3.Telephone, 4.Age, 5.Your Reference Number is: B361UK10
NOTE: insurance and handling fees has been paid, the only money you have to pay to Swift Courier Services is their delivery fee of $450 ONLY, so don't allow anybody to deceive you on that. we would have paid for that but they said NO, cause they don't know when you will come forward for your Package incase of dumourage.
Best Regards
Lady Michele Cotton
Committee Secretary

Ya! I know!! We only have to pay a $450 delivery fee and then we get our 1,000,000 (if you don't know your numbers, apparently that means 'One Million US Dollars).

We are sooooo lucky!



p.s. don't worry ya'll, i know it was a scam....i just thought it was funny!


  1. HI. About a week ago I found your blog by hitting the "next" button. Anyway, I've been reading your blog and you're just so dang adorable! I've been enjoying your writing.

    I'm glad you're a millionaire. That's going to come in handy. : )

  2. haha nice...

    i hope you aren't serious... because believe it or not! people at the credit union fall for these scams all the time!


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