Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Dear Mom,

Remember that one time I made a goal to eat healthy?
And then I never talked about it again.
Ya, that was because I failed. And I wasn't in the mood to talk about it.

Whelll, At the beginning of November I made a goal to not eat sugar for ALL OF NOVEMBER!
Crazy, huh?
And really I just don't want to eat candy or desserts. But if like a food has some sugar in it, I'm not going to even try to avoid that. Just no treats.
And I've already lasted a whole week!!!
Can you believe it?!
I slipped once big time, and that's really it.

It really wasn't that hard last week. But this week is killing me!
Sigh. But I'm committed!!!

Anyways, I laughed when I woke up this morning because I had a nightmare last night that I ate a bowl of ice cream.
Who has nightmares where all they do is eat ice cream!? In my normal mind that would be like such a happy dream! But this dream was really stressful. I couldn't stop eating it. And I was so mad the whole time because I just want to complete my goal.

It was funny.

Also, last week my teacher asked me to stay after class and basically told me that she really wants me to go to grad school.

And I had a nightmare about that last night too!!!
That I couldn't get into grad school no matter what I did.

Last night was just a really stressful night for me.

That's all.



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  1. scary dreams are horrible. Isn't it crazy how much emotion you can feel during a dream? I have dreams all the time that its finals week and I don't even know where my classroom is because I've never gone to class. crazy!


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