Tuesday, November 02, 2010

wedding par-tay!

Today I found myself looking through the wedding pictures.
For like the thousandth time.
Have I mentioned lately that my photographers were sooooo great?
They were so great!

Anyways, I decided to post a couple pics from the wedding party!

First of all, go ahead and try to tell me you've seen cuter kids than my niece and nephew!

I love this picture of Beck. He is so dang cute!

And my sweet Tayler! She was the best flower girl a bride could have!

Brandon (aka: B) is G's best friend from forever.
He was G's Best Man.
This picture describes them perfectly!
Tiffini and Leah are my best friends (and sisters) from forever!
I couldn't have asked for better MOH's!

These are my favorite pictures of G and his groomsmen from the day!We had such a fun wedding party!

And my bridesmaids were seriously the best!
Laren and Madelyn are my new sisters!
And Mary Jane and Natalie are my best friends from Utah State!
This is one of my favorite pictures from the day!
[mads, nat, t, me, leas, merjen, lo]
Seriously though, we just had so much fun!
I was happy to have all my favorite girls by my side the whole day!

BAM! We're on fire!

Our best friends have supported us our whole lives. They have always been by our side.
We were happy that it was no different on our wedding day!

Our wedding party truly was a par-tay!


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