Friday, December 31, 2010

honeymoon numero dos!

Oh how I LOVE Disneyland.

It was my first trip and it was a definite success.

Day 1: Magical. Enchanted. rainy. Where dreams come true! Busy. SO fun. It's a small world! Rude Mickey. Awesome Minnie! Freakin scary ferris wheel. Crowded. Birthday pin! Driving cars. Indiana Jones! Waiting while husband & friends go on Tower of Terror! Dance parties. so many pictures. such a good sport husband!

Day 2: Sunny! Beautiful! World of Color! Soaring over California! Relaxing while Husband & friends go on so scary roller coaster. Turkey leg. gross. Ice cream! parade! Sore legs. hurty knee. Lots of laughing. little breaks. people watching! Getting lost by myself. pure bliss!! long lines. hangin with the husby.

he literally RAN away from me. jerk face.

just like all the tourists!

beast's library!
true story!
rules: hold hands & no dancing.
i was tweaking out!

f is for frame!

our bums got wet on the water ride....

Hooooray for Disneyland!

First visit = success!!!



  1. how fun!! cute pictures! miss you!

  2. hey guys-- thanks for that darling Christmas package. I LOVE IT! And, had never read it... so it was perfect. You're so thoughtful.
    Hope you have a great new year!!

  3. Kaela,
    I'm reading you with Abby in the big OKC. You are a great couple. Miss seeing you two. Love ya, Rhonda T.


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