Friday, December 03, 2010


Life is great. This week has been perfect. Super busy. But I don't have a single complaint.
This is a little bit of my journal entry from Wednesday:

I am happy.
I've decided to simplify.
Isn't that just a refreshing word? I feel like I can breathe a little bit easier already.
The first step in my effort to simplify is to be more grateful, have more gratitude.
Because guess what! I really don't have it bad at all. In fact, I have it quite good. Too good to complain or want so much.
I am happy.
I love my husband. I love my house. I love that once a cockroach climbed out of the cereal box. That might sound sarcastic, but it's true. I love our carpet- it's so great because you can never tell if it's dirty....or clean....but that's besides the point. I love that for the first 3.5+ months of marriage Husband and I have slept on the floor...that's what marriage is all about! I love my forest green car, dents and all! Each dent is just added character. And I love the duck tape hanging half off the bumper in efforts to hold it on. I love living in provo with my husband. I love the powerful mountains sprouting out of the ground right next door. And I love our wedding shrine all over the walls. I love that I've been blessed to learn how to save and budget my money these past few years. Which means I don't have the cutest clothes, but that's okay because I still love my clothes. I love that my husband can tell me 'no' when I ask to buy another pair of boots. And I love that deep down I know he's right, and even if he said 'yes' I still don't think I could buy them. I love that I don't get everything I want. But I love that I did get marvelous wedding pictures. I love our few married friends and our fun/budged get-togethers. I love that my nightstand consists of two storage tubs- one filled with important files, and the other filled with scarves, hats, and slippers all knitted by my lovely mother- who also happens to be another thing I love. I love that my cooking has already set the fire-alarm off three times. And I love that as soon as that happens, Garrett runs in to hug me before I start crying. I love that the pictures on my wall are crooked. And so is our front door which allows not only a cold draft to be constantly flowing in, but it also allows anyone in the hallway to hear anything and everything happening in our apartment. I love all my craigslist furniture that I re-did this summer. And I love all my thrift store decorations. I love that my fridge is overflowing with food because sometimes I just crave shopping and groceries is the only thing I can justify! I love that it's just G and I for now. Just our little family of two. I love Garrett. And I love me. And I'm in love with my life.

If I could have put a video in my journal, it would have been this one. Seriously, listen to it. It's cute!

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  1. randomly found your blog &wanted to say... LOVED your wedding dress :) haha


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