Wednesday, December 08, 2010

my daughter!

The other night Husband and I went on a little date with our good friends Anna and Marcus. They were our very first married friends and we have a lot of fun with them! We went and saw Despicable Me at the dolla' theater! Oh baby it was so cute! G and I are going to have to ebay that one for shizzle! Really, the funniest parts were this so great little girl who both G and I swear is an animated version of our future little girl! She is a lot like me when I was little...and she looks like me! So I'm pretty sure it's a sign or somethin ;D

Anyways, I know that you're dying to see what my future child is like! Feel free to enjoy! Five bucks say's you'll smile!

Go see it! It's in the dollar theater and I'd say it's worth it!

Love ya!

K. Frame

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