Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

Well hello there,

Happy Christmas Eve to you!

G Frame and I are having our very own Christmas tomorrow! I'm sooo excited! And then we're off to the parents for a week....

And then....have I told you yet? We're going to California!

Can you say second honeymoon?!

G was talking to his sister the other day and she said, "how many honeymoons do you need?!" and he promptly replied, "Oh, at least two!"

True 'dat!

Also I tried surprising G with hot blueberrry muffins for breakfast this morning and I forgot to put the yummy crumbly stuff on top. I always forget. And then I tried opening the bag and it exploded all over the kitchen. I haven't even cleaned it up yet. Blogging just sounded so much more appealing.

And! Finals are over....oh wait, scratch that. Once upon a time, I thought I had until Friday to take my Biology final. But then on Friday morning I found out that I really only had until Thursday. I cried. And I wrote my teacher a very sad email. Luckily, he's going to let me take it in his office on Monday. What a nice guy, huh? It's a Christmas Miracle! So, while everyone else is celebrating their freedom, I still have one final to go. The silly thing is that I totally could have taken in on Thursday...heck, I could have taken it on Tuesday! But I just figured I'd study a little longer, and G wasn't done until Friday why not just wait it out? Oh the horror!

Also! I don't think I ever showed your our christmas tree! Now, this isn't just ANY Christmas tree! It's our FIRST Christmas tree! It had to be perfect! After delivering our sub for santa gifts a couple weeks ago, Husband and I were in the perfect mood to go pick one up! Yes, she's a little empty at one part, but we still love her! I drank hot choco and strung as many lights on her as she could hold! My mom even gave us a little 'Our First Christmas' ornament! Looove!

Also! Last Saturday G had a Christmas Party for APX at The Roof!!!! Mmmm...APX provides us with the best dates ever! And I got to babysit my little Beckster before! And then after dinner G and I did a quick walk around the lights at Temple Square! So fun!

Also! I don't have any pictures yet, but I've been doing a 12 Days of Christmas for G! And it's been so so fun! Extremely low budget....but still so great! I'll show you next time!




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