Friday, January 28, 2011


My best friend and her boyfriend are coming to party with us in provo tonight.

[And since we're old married folk....'party' really just means dinner and a mean game of rumikub]

On the way to school today I informed G that we were just going to have a nice laid-back evening. I told him that I wasn't going to get carried away like normal.
Just an easy dinner and then some games.
No big D.

And then I spent my whole first class finding awesome recipes and picking my favorites for tonight!

Oh how I love recipe blogs!

It was so hard to narrow down that I almost just decided to make two dinners tonight.

This = me carried away....
[sorry husband]

Anyways, I finally narrowed it down to a chicken cordon bleu casserole!
And then caramel brownies!

Which works perfectly because we're going shooting with a bunch of friends tomorrow and I can bring the extra brownies to share.

I'm just being smart, actually.

And a little carried away.

The recipes aren't hard...maybe just intermediate.

Like....two.5 hours in the kitchen total! Including cooking time!

Plus! I like to spend my time in the kitchen.

So it's okay.

If dinner turns out, I'll post the recipes for ya'll to try!

Hope your weekend is filled with everything beautiful!


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