Friday, January 07, 2011


  • Today is the 3rd day of school.
  • I am pretty sure I am smarter than one of my teachers.
  • 19 yummy credits again :)
  • But! Get this! I talked to my advisor yesterday and I can for sure graduate this Christmas!
  • 19 credits this semester and fall semester...PLUS 10 or so online classes this summ. Bring it on!

  • On monday we find out where we will be spending this lovely summer! I'm actually really excited! Yesterday I talked to a girl who went to Atlanta this past summer. Ah how great would that be?!
  • Yesterday for din I made a really yummy white chicken chilli soup. It was divine.
  • And the day before that I made my cousins delicious enchilada recipe....the only enchilada recipe I actually like!
  • And the night before that I made taco pizza. My own creation. Success.
  • Can you say Mexican trend?
  • I accept!
  • Did I ever finishing showing you our Cali vaca?
a quick visit to the temple!
Husband bought me a real live pearl from a real live oyster!
G's High School! Tustin Tillers!
G's beautiful old house! Oh my you should have seen the backyard! I was in love!
My very favorite part of the trip?

And for New Years we had a party with G's old gang! It was so so fun!

  • Oh I haven't even updated you about the rest of my time at home either!
  • It was more than a blast!
  • Here's just a sneak peak:

  • But you're just going to have to wait to hear the rest of that bidness!

Anyways, I know this wasn't that great....but class is starting.



Oh wait! One more thing!
Have you heard of the Dating Diva's?

Oh man, how I love them!

You should check out their website! They have given G and I the greatest date ideas ever!
And they do all the planning and stuff for you!
And every date has a invitation and everything!

And this week they are doing tons of giveaways!
I really hope I win the e-meals giveaway!

You should check them out!

The end.

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