Saturday, January 22, 2011

warning: this is dramatic.

Hi Guys,

Oh man am I in a dilemma. I sure could use your advice.

Ya all started 3 and a half years ago when I began my collegehood at Utah State. There, I fell in love with USU and fully embraced my aggieness. One of the conditions of becoming an Aggie, just as it is at most schools, was to hate their rivals. One of my precious Utah State's (who, may I remind you, is. a. part. of. WHO. I. AM!) rivals is BYU.

Now fast forward to 5 months and 1 day ago: I married a BYU-er.
I bleed Aggie Blue and he bleeds Cougar Blue.
(Which ironically enough, happens to be the same color blue (but let the record state that usu had it first!)).

Now fast forward to the BYU v. USU game a couple months ago.
Tears came out my face.
It's hard enough having to give up my favorite school in the world to live closer to my rival school, but I had to watch them loose to that same rival school.
I felt like I betrayed my Aggiehood.

Now fast forward to now.
The wound from that fateful game (mentioned above) has healed some, but a deep scar still remains.
Don't roll your eyes at me, I warned you this was dramatic.
But, if I'm being honest.....I really like a couple of the BYU players.
Just a couple of their players.

It's true, I got Jimmered.
I'm just so happy for him!
32 points in the first half of a game?! You've got to be kidding me!
And Emery! Breaking the byu steal record! How could I not be happy for him?
And Chris Collinsworth was G's mission I have an obligation to like him...
and his little brother, Kyle Collinsworth, is also on the team and he's just a little freshy and he's tearing it up! Of course I'm excited for his success.
And I just like Davies too....I don't remember why though.

So.....I like a couple of the individual's impossible not to!
Trust me! I tried!
I'm just happy for their individual success.
But I'm NOT a BYU fan. Just a Jimmer, Emery, C & K Collinsworth, and Davies fan.
In all honesty, not a BYU fan.

Okay. Fast forward to this Wednesday.
According to G-rett it is going to be the 'biggest game of the century.'
BYU is number 9 and SanDiego State is ranked 6.
And I always like a good ball game!
And I like 5 of the BYU players.
And we got free tickets.
But! Can I really cheer for BYU and still feel good about my aggiehood?

It's like cheering for:
USC while being a Texas fan.
Oklahoma while being a BSU fan.
Dallas while being a Redskins fan.
the Yankee's while being a Red Sox fan.
Kobe while being a Labron fan.
Obama while being a republican!
How could I live with myself?

And! To make matters worse, the free tickets that we got are in the BYU student section.
I'll be such a traitor.
I think I could do it if I just had regular tickets and just watched as an innocent neutral bystander. And I could just sit in my seat and cheer for my individual players, but not the whole team.
Of course.

But that isn't really an option.
Can I really surround myself with all those Cougars?
I don't know if I could live with myself. I willing to miss a so so fun/good game just because of my pride?!
But! It's not just plain old's AGGIE PRIDE!!!

Oh man.


As you can tell, this is obviously one of those life changing decisions.
What to do. What to do.
You're opinions would be appreciated.



  1. Oh Kaela...give it up. Cheer for BYU!

  2. Oh Kaela...give it up. Cheer for BYU!...and hey! I like your blog!

  3. In communication, this is what we call "cognitive dissonence. You will not feel right yourself if your actions and beliefs do not co-inside. SO, in order to be at peace, you have to either A. change your beliefs, or B. Change your actions. what to do, what to do?!

    My suggestion: DON'T you dare change your beliefs! Go Aggies forever, in general, BYU stinks! I think you should go to the game though, (wearing a USU T-shirt underneath) and then cheer for BYU since its a good game. When/if they lose, secretly be happy about it.

    P.S. I would like the record to state that I notice you slowly slipping into the BYU side. I can understand it though, I just don't approve.

  4. Kaela, Just root for the individual players. Keep your cougar hatred and just remember how the students think they own the non existent crosswalks and grandma driving around campus and you will have no trouble at all. I am a cougar I admit, but i don't bleed blue...whoops...

    go jimmer

  5. Kaela, you need to come to the spectrum, see wild Bill & all will be well again.
    ps. you're blog is cute!

  6. i'm wondering what you ended up doing, but i hope you did not have to give up your Aggie morrills (haha, i'm just made a joke!) for that game. i love that you're still a grue Aggie! please don't change that.

  7. Whit,
    Our tickets ended up falling through so I didn't get to go to the game. I WAS planning on going though. And I was going to cheer for the boys on the BYU team. But, since we couldn't go, G and I just ordered a couple pizzas and found somewhere else to watch it. It was a really good game and I was really happy that BYU won!


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