Saturday, February 12, 2011

22 for 22

  1. In lieu of turning 22 this past week, (and since I haven't blogged in oh-so-long), I'm just going to give you a simple update in 22 simple steps. This counts as numero uno.
  2. As stated above, my birthday was this past week! Happy Birthday to me! For some reason I am just super super excited for 22! I feel like it's going to treat me gooooooooood!
  3. And it already started off with a bang! Mr. G. Frame wins the 'Worlds Best Husband' award after how much he pampered me! I felt spoiled after he woke up early to make me breakfast in bed....but that was just the tip of the iceberg. He also made me steak and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner. Who knew this kid could cook?! I'll have to take advantage of those skills more often.
  4. Oh, and presents? Spoiled? Guilty! He got me boots that I've already been rockin for a couple weeks because I just couldn't wait! And then, on top of that, he got me one of these lovely ladies:
  5. Ya! The new Verizon iPhone. Me = Addicted.
  6. Also, I've been cookin like a mean-lean-grillin-machine lately! Seriously, just start calling me George Foreman. Tonight for din we had homemade fried rice and homemade egg rolls. Healthy? No. Delicious? Yes! Seriously it was like fabulosity on a plate! I'll post that recipe soon!
  7. I worked out every day this week. And, most of my exercises consisted of running. I never knew it before, but this girl can run! Well....okay not really. But I'm gettin there!
  8. This picture makes my heart melt. Seriously, he is just the cutest guy in the whole wide world!
  9. Tomorrow we're going up to SLC to see Leah, Chase, and Beck AND Kyle, Jade, Tayler, and Ryenn. And I am quite excited!
  10. I'm a little obsessed with furniture lately. And when I say a little, I mean a lot.
  11. Proof: I have publisher documents on my computer of all of my future rooms and how exactly they will be decorated.
  12. Thank the Heavens for weekends!
  13. Husband has a hard time studying while I'm in the room. I wish I could say it was because my good-looks and sexy-ways are too distracting for him to handle....but really it's because I type too loud and I scrape my spoon on my ice cream bowl.
  14. He just moved to the other room :(. And closed the door tight. Sorry baby.
  15. Tonight we went on a date to see Unstoppable, the movie. I'd recommend it!
  16. Have you ever played Monopoly Deal? Oh it's fun! It's like Monopoly without the board game and about 9 hours shorter. We played with our little dinner group friends last night and I won for the first time! I'd also recommend that!
  17. Also, back to my birthday....Marjan and Noodle got me this awesome whiteboard calender with multi-colored markers and it is the new love of my life! Seriously! Someday I'll post a picture of how color-coordinated and organized it is. I may be a little OCD about it.
  18. Life has been really good lately. I mean, life is full of ups and downs. But I'm happy to announce that I'm on a a very appreciated UP!
  19. Also, I'm happy to announce that Husband and I have officially mastered the skill of sleeping in the same bed together, blankets and all! Last week he had a work retreat and was gone for the night and it was the worst night sleep I've had in a long time. I sleep much better with him next to me. If you want a flash-back to our first few months of sharing a bed...just click the little 'sleeping' word on the left side of the page and you'll see that this really is a huge accomplishment!
  20. This is my 150th blog post! Can you believe it!?
  21. Thanks for bearing with me through all 22 of these notes. Ya'll are really just so dang great! I promise this week will be a little more interesting than last week!
  22. Hahaha how come no body noticed that I only had '21' things? This post has been up for like 3 days and G Frame was the first one to notify me (this morning) that I stopped one short.....guess I still think I'm 21 :D




  1. happy birthday!! hope 22 is everything you've dreamed it could be!! love ya!

  2. Hey can you please post your recipe for your egg rolls, I have always wanted to make my own, and those look delicious!

  3. haha, thanks for sharing! You're just so funny! I'm usually laughing while I'm reading your blog... seriously. :) Also when are you coming to Logan?? It's getting a little bit warmer up here :) Also congrats to Garrett, That sounds like the best birthday EVER!!


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