Friday, February 04, 2011

gun safety

Last Saturday we decided to go shooting with a few friends of ours. 4 couples total.

They are all into guns and have a couple different kinds. (Just so we're clear, these aren't like shotgun guns....they're like legit 'kill people' guns. 9 millimeter...or caliber...or something like that.)
As of two Sunday's ago, I had never even seen a real gun. So they thought it would be fun to go up into the canyon, have a bonfire, cook some tinfoil dinners, do dutchoven cobbler, and teach me a little about shooting.

We met an hour before for a little gun safely lesson. I was very grateful for this and I paid ultra close attention.

The Three Basic Rules of Gun Safety
  1. Treat every gun like it's loaded.
  2. Never point the gun at something you don't want to shoot (and be aware of what's behind your target).
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot.

See...I'm practically a pro. I just whipped that off the top of my head. Isaac even showed us some pictures of people's feet blown off from not practicing those three rules! I listened real good. They made me practice the 3 rules with his air-soft gun. And secretly I was freaking out inside, dying for him to take it back.

I know this might not be a big deal to most of you, but growing up in Virginia, I was taught: Guns = Bad. Guns kill people. But really, people kill people. And a gun is only a tool.

So once I finally felt ready, we loaded up all our stuff and headed out.

8 people. 3 cars.

30 minutes later this was what we looked like:

Car #1 Stuck

We pushed and pulled and axed the snow and even tried using our car to pull them out.
For like 2 hours.
Have I mentioned that we didn't have service. Ya.

So finally, we decided to back car #2 and car #3 out and find help.
There was no where to turn around so good thing G Frame is a genius at reversing.

Except...even his skills were no match for this road.
It was death.

Remember, there are 2 cars trying to reverse out.
The first car would get stuck, we'd push him out, and then the second car would get stuck at the same place. I have pictures of the huge holes in the snowy road, but they just don't do it justice.

it started to get really really dark.

We put cables on our car's tires and the other car's tires but after getting stuck a couple times, they just snapped right off.

Just so we're all clear: We've been out for probably 4 or 5 hours. Car number 1 is still stuck. Our main goal now is to just get car's 2 and 3 out.

After basically pushing car #3 all the way to the main road, a nice little trooper truck decided to show up.
We were sooo grateful!

I guess the guy was just driving around looking for poachers and stumbled upon us.
He thought we were idiots. He said "You guys must be from BYU...."

He then said (ehem, QUOTE:) 'I'll get you guys out in a jiffy'

Next thing I know:
BAM! His truck = Stuck.

Anyways, the story just gets longer and colder and darker and stupider and hungrier.

I'll spare you some of the repetitive details.

Luckily we were with good friends who we could laugh with the whole time.

[Marcus, Anna, Isaac, Alisa]
[The tired Husband and I]

We were finally got all three cars and the truck safely out after EIGHT miserable hours.

It was an adventure to say the least.

But we never even got to shoot any guns.
So much for gun safety....

The 3 Basic Rules of Driving-in-the-Snow Safety
  1. Bring hard-core tire chains
  2. Don't go anywhere where you don't have cell-phone service.
  3. Just don't do it.

Follow those simple 3 rules and you'll always be warm and happy and alive.



  1. haha bummer! glad you guys are okay! oh, and gf (that means girlfriend, not garrett frame) but um, i thought you were going private? ya?

  2. Hey Kar, Ya, i went private for like a week and then switched back so that one of my friends could see it real quick and then I just haven't switched it back to private. Bleh.


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