Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Valentine

I sure love my husband.

My love for him increases every day I think.

He really is my very best friend in the whole wide world.

This was our first Valentines Day as Husband and Wife!
I couldn't help but think back to our first Valentines day as just friends.

A little over 5 years ago, G and I met in our seminary class.
He was a senior and I was a junior.
I was just starting to be good friends with a couple of his friends, so we already knew who each other was and it was easy to become friends.

Our high school did a little charity fund-raiser every V-day where you could buy carnations for someone and then it would be delivered to that special someone during one of their classes.

I wasn't expecting anyone to get me a flower....but a girl can't help but hope!

Garrett and I were just starting to become good friends, but definitely nothing more.
....Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when a
pretty white and red carnation was placed on my desk during one of the deliveries.
The note said:

"happy v-day!
(And crazy enough, I still have the note!)

I never doubted that it was just a friendly little jester, but it still made me smile all day long.

After school got out we met up by our cars in the parking lot and just went for a drive.
Garrett always loved driving my car, and I always loved driving around, just me and him.

I think we even talked about the boyfriend/girlfriend interests that we had at the time.....
and we were not included in each others interests.

We were just friends. But we were on our way to becoming Best Friends!

Who knew that 5 years later we'd be married?!

I sure didn't.
But I couldn't be more grateful!

This Valentines Day was busy but wonderful!

It started Sunday morning with a little breakfast in bed.

And ended Monday night with a nice date night out!

We drove up to NSL and went to the local high school's rendition of Les Mis!
I was more than impressed!

Mostly, it was just fun to have a whole day dedicated to loving my most favorite valentine!



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  1. Cute. Love it. Love thinking about you two in high school, makes me smile. Also - I think we have those same dishes!


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