Thursday, March 17, 2011

happiness is...


i just want to say that i love you.

i do.

i am sitting here in my messy little bedroom, clothes and pillows (cute ones that my sis made) scattered everywhere except for where they should be, kissing pictures covering my walls and my memory, a mattress that has yet to rest anywhere but the floor, and a long list of to-do's that's begging me to use my fingers to cross things off it instead of type this blog post.

and all i can think about right now is how in love i am with my life.

i'm in love.

sometimes i forget that i'm in love with my life. i don't appreciate it even close to as much as i should. but right now is not one of those times. i am fully aware.

i love my life.

i love my husband. he is my entire world. i never stop wondering how i got so lucky. how did i pull it off. how, out of all the people in the world, did i manage to find the boy who could sweep me off my feet every day. what did i do to deserve being with my soul mate for the rest of forever.

i just sit here and shake my head.
how did i ever get so blessed.
how did i get so lucky.

mmmm. i am in love with my life.

everything is perfect just the way it is.
i hope things stay just like this for as long as possible.

just me and my best friend.

i love that guy.


p.s. this dreamy state of mind that i'm in right now might have something to do with the fact that i've been listening to this song on repeat for the past long while. don't let twilight ruin it for you. bask in its beauty. today i am better because this song is my soundtrack.

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