Tuesday, May 24, 2011

4 years

Something you may or may not know about me: I like to look ahead in life.

For reals though. It's sometimes a problem. I just like knowing how things are going to work out.

Which is why yesterday was such a funny and happy day for me.

Four years ago my best friend in the whole world left on his mission. At the time, we were only friends, and never anything more....on the surface. If we're both being honest, we each had plenty of those moments where we saw each other as more than just a best friend. We just never did anything about it because we knew that '4 years ago from yesterday' was coming.

The day he reported to the MTC was also yearbook signing day for my senior year of high school. My eyes were puffy in all the pictures. Not even kidding.

Even though we were simply friends, it was still a monumental day for me. I remember running through every possible scenario in my head for what the future could hold for Garrett and I, and just dying to know how things would work out. Would we stay friends? Become more than friends? Fade out the friendship? Blah? Blah? Blah?

Everyone had their own vision for what would happen and they were all basically on the same page:
We would write each other a couple times,
but like all missionary stories,
it would eventually fade and the friendship would become
nothing more than a happy high school memory.
Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

But I always knew this wasn't good enough for me. And I began to take everyone's advice as a challenge. Every time someone told me that our back-and-forth letter writing would fade, I became that much more determined to prove them wrong.

Even though I always wanted a little more out of our relationship, I still always felt extremely lucky just to have him as my best friend. And if 'best friend' was the best title I was going to get, I was still thrilled!

That's why yesterday was so funny to me. If only my 18-year-old, puffy-eyed self had known that this amazing best friend of mine would continue to be my best friend for the rest of eternity! It probably would have saved me a lot of daydreams and over-analyzing.

I really had nothing to worry about, huh?

If only my over-anticipating, anxious, and even coming-on-a-bit-too-strong, self had just looked closer at these pictures.....

......and seen what they would someday become; I could have relaxed and enjoyed the ride a little bit more.

It's crazy to think how perfectly things have worked out!

I'll say it over a million times: LIFE IS SO GREAT!


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