Monday, May 23, 2011

The Adventure Continues

'Ellllo to ya!

So, guess what...


Yup. Living in 4 states in the past month has been a little overwhelming.

Here's a recap:
Started out in PROVO, UT
Planned on moving to CHARLESTON, SC
Ended up moving to CHARLOTTE, NC
But really spent most of the last month living in ATLANTA, GA
And this past week we moved to KNOXVILLE, TN

Sometimes I panic, and sometimes I love the adventure. To be honest, I'd say it's about 70/30. 70% of the time I panic, 30% of the time I love this adventure!

But really though, when else in our lives are we going to be able to pack up our lives and drive around the country chasing down the best opportunities!

It's crazy. But it's fun too!

And I'm really glad we have this fun friend and her husband to share the chaos with!

For reals though, they've been by our side for this whole adventure and it's been so great! Mindy and I work together on our long 'to do' lists every day while the G and Nate go out and bring home the bacon. The boys fund the fort, but we hold it down! She's been a huge part in helping me retain my sanity!

Sometimes, when I get a quiet second to be alone with my thoughts, I reflect on all that has happened this past month and I can't help but laugh out loud. Since January I've anticipated the adventure this summer would bring. But I had no idea of the full intensity of crazyness that we would experience! We packed a lot, drove, unpacked a lot, packed a little, drove, drove again, unpacked a little, drove, drove again, packed a lot, drove, and unpacked a lot! That probably didn't make much sense to you, but that's really exactly how our summer has been!

Life is great!
I am happy!
I am in love with my best friend!
I am traveling around the country!
I am eating some dang good food!
I am spending time with my family!
Really, Life is great!

Love all yall!



  1. HAhA you guys are crazy! I still can't believe how unpredictable you guys are. In a way...I'm jealous and in a way...I'm afraid you guys are gonna get picked up by a tornado! I mean it, if needs be, find yourself a basement and save yourselves!

  2. I know, Jill! We are crazy, huh? The only thing that could make this adventure better is if you two were with us!


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