Tuesday, May 10, 2011

nice to meet you.

Hello You,

I feel like since I've been gone so long, you must have all forgotten about me or thought I forgot about you. I know the latter is false, and I'm hoping the former has not occurred either. But just in case, here's a recap of yours truly and my __*__ life lately.

*[depending on the day/hour/minute, insert here one of the following: funny, scary, exciting, adventurous, nerve-wracking, food-filled, tiring, boring, anxiety-filled, loving, laughing, or confusing.]

1. Living in Charlotte, NC is....well, it is a lot of different things. Mostly it is an adventure. A fun adventure as well as a scary adventure. One day it's a really exciting adventure, and the next it's a very boring adventure. But, definitely, an adventure it is! It's quite a hard and tiring adventure for that Husband of mine. He makes me proud everyday, working so hard. This really is not one of the funnest jobs in the world, but he's never complained!

2. I've actually spent the last week with my wonderful sister, her husband, and their two dogs in Atlanta, GA. It was my first real time away from G since we got married and I missed him quite a lot, but I am so glad I got to spend some time with Tiffini and John and help them as they begin an adventure of their own! I wouldn't trade this for anything.

3. But, I will say, I am happy to be back in NC with G. Frame. I'm also happy that I got to take my pups with me! While G is gone, bringin home the bacon for the most part of the day, these guys are going to keep me busy! I'm happy to have my little pal's follow me around all day! Don't worry, I'll definitely keep track of our adventures!

4. I've found this summer to be a really good time to focus a little more on my health. I'm still taking a full load of classes, but they're all online so hopefully I'll have a little more time in my daily schedule to exercise and make healthy meals! So far, I've been off sugar for a whole 43 hours and 24 minutes. And I'm feelin great! I kind of want to document the meals I make and the programs I follow on here so I can keep up the motivation. Feel free to comment any advice or programs you guys follow!

5. And this is what I like to call PCUT, or Picture Catch-Up Time! Enjoy!

Our long drive across the country! Good thing we brought that big cooler because we used it negative three times during the drive. And it prevented my seat from reclining.

This is a picture of the whole front of my body getting completely fried. Enjoy.

Boating in Atlanta! Pure Therapy!

Hubs and I at the Atlanta Temple Dedication. No, we didn't get to see it. We showed up for church only to find that the temple dedication was happening right next door!

K I thought I had more pictures than that, but apparently not. I'll try to catch up in the next couple days!

Loves to you!



  1. WHOA, WHOA.... okay, obviously I have been out of the blogging world as well!! When did you move to NC??!!! And I am moving there in July!!! Where are you?!

  2. Heather! My Hubs and I moved to Charlotte like 3 weeks ago! You will love it here! Are you moving permanently? We are only here for the summer. Are you going to be close?


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