Tuesday, June 21, 2011

day 12

today, like the last 12 days, was hard for me to go to the gym.

every. single. day. those exercise machines kick my bootie.

and today, as i stepped on the treadmill, began no differently.


 i am VERY proud to announce that 2 hours later......

i, kaela michelle,  left the victor!

today i really started to notice a difference in myself. mainly in my mind-set and my determination.
if i'm going to go to be there, i might as well give it all i've got + a million more.

i left feeling goooo-oo-oood.

and as i performed my victor strut out to my car,
i got a nasty cramp in my hamstring.

but, my friends,
 that did NOT stop me from driving home with the windows down, music up, and endorphins flowin!


today is a good day!



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