Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dear Daddy-o!

Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for working hard to support this family! Thank you for being one of my best friends! Thank you for teaching me of Jesus and how to be happy! Thank you for coaching millions of little girl basketball teams, and giving me extra lessons to learn my layups. Thank you for being my go-to-guy when I had homework help, you have always been the best math tutor a gal could ask for! Thank you for listening to my stories of boys, and giving me honest advice. Thank you for being fun and playful and loving. Thank you for your example of what a husband and father should be, you set the standards for my husband. Thank you for showing me patience and unconditional love. You are the bestest dad in the whole entire wide world!

Your Baby Doll

Dear Dad-Frame!

You are seriously the best father-in-law that a gal could ask for! I love our relationship- full of teasing, laughing, and lots of fun! Thank you for being such an awesome father to that husband of mine! You sure done good with him! Thank you for letting us crash your territory here in Knox and for teaching Garrett all your ways. I can't even tell you how many times, over the course of my relationship with G, that he's told me about specific instances where you taught him something valuable. You are his best friend, and one of his greatest examples! Happy Fathers Day! I am so grateful for you!

You're favorite daughter-in-law!

Dear Future Baby-Daddy,

I love you sweetheart! Even though you're not quite a dad yet, I still know that you'll bet the best one ever! That's one of the main reasons I picked you (That, and your sexy ways!)!  I love when you do cute little faces or voices, or your childish mannerisms remind me of just how cute our kids will be! You will be the best dad ever! And I'm excited for when that time of our lives is here.  I know that you'll play soccer with them in the backyard when you get home from work, and you'll teach them pointless little things like how the sprinkler systems on farms work, or how they dig power line poles into the ground. Our kids will be the luckiest! But for now, I'm just LOVING this adventurous time with just me and you! Love you, lover boy!

Your Love!

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