Monday, June 27, 2011


yesterday mr g frame laughed at me all morning. 

not like a 'bust-out-laugh' laugh.

more like a 'every time he looked at me he would smirk and sometimes let out a little laugh' laugh

and i wasn't even offended. in fact, most of the time i would start laughing too.

the reason for all this laugher, you ask?


yup. my hair had g laughing at me all morning.

no, it didn't bother me.

this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last.

plus. i thought i looked pretty funny too.

but not funny enough to never do it again.

actually, i think it might be one of my new favorite hair styles.

easy, quick, works better with dirty hair, unique

....basically the perfect combo.

later on, g told me that i looked like audrey hepburn.
which is never ever a bad thing.

so, for your viewing pleasure.

enjoy. and have a great monday!




  1. i love this so much! theres so many times i want to wear something different and wades like, i probably wont walk with you if you wear that.

    haha good times.
    you're incredible. -kar

  2. haha! oh my gosh that's so funny! That's exactly how it is with me and G....but normally I just wear it anyways! Gotta love those husbands! They just don't appreciate our killer sylin!


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