Wednesday, June 08, 2011

this one goes out to the happy couple....

hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!

guess what!!!

my best friend 
marjan/ mary jane/ mj/ marjanny/ marjorie/ margarine
and her so great high-school sweetheart, 
parker/ p/ p-dog/ park/ parks/ p-diddy/ a cars action 
getting married

You guys do not even know how much excitement this brings me!!


1. I get to fly back west at the beginning of August to see the glorious event! Hallelujah for mini-pretzels and bff bachelorette par-tays!!!

2. Millions of combo-vaca's! I'm talking cruises and disneyland and driving around the world (;)hope you got that one mj!) together. These vaca's have been in the works since day uno of our best friendship! (don't worry, you too nootalie!)

3. And best of all! Since p-dizzle is attending byu, my long lost best friend will be joining me in Provo!!! The roof will be raised, I say. The roof will be raised.

Most of all, I am just so unbelievably happy for her! 
It is so fun to see how happy she is!

I love seeing how all of our lives can evolve and change, but we can still stay such close best friends!

These two are the one's who I'll still be close to when I'm 80. And my kids will know them as Aunt Marjan and Aunt Noodle! And they will love them like I do!

And we will continue to watch each other
and be happy for each other
as we progress and experience all the great joys of life!

The end.


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  1. Yay! and you and MarJan can oppose BYU in provo together! :)


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