Saturday, July 16, 2011

the nations capitol

Dear Mom,

Remember how every 4th of July we would go to DC for the best fireworks show in the nation?
Those days make up some of my all-time very favorite childhood memories.

Family, national monuments, italian ice, watermelon, selling glow necklaces, 
playing frisbee, taking naps on the blanket, massive crowds of people,
counting the steps up the lincoln memorial, 
honoring the men and women who have sacrificed for the freedom we are blessed with today.

I feel extremely privileged to have been able to experience 4th of July in DC so many times, but this last trip was especially meaningful. I am at an age where I can more fully appreciate the monuments and memorials. I have read and studied the wars and sacrifices that have been so essential to allow us the freedoms and liberties that we are granted today. I feel like I was much more able to appreciate the nations capitol than I was when I was growing up.

Day 1

Arlington National Cemetery

Day 2

Monuments and Memorials

our traditional spot was blocked off by the renovations to the reflecting pool

concert and fireworks

I even met a guy who was selling glow necklaces just like we used to do.
Still $3
When I told him I grew up selling them, he gave me a free one!

Day 3
Capitol Building
 Italian Ice while waiting to see the national archives, and lots of museums!!

 Iwo Jima

Day 4
and driving by my old home!

Day 5
Washington Temple!!

It was quite the trip!
I loved every second, but I was also happy to get back to Knox.
As we pulled off the freeway, the comforting feeling  home filled me.
Funny... how Knoxville feels like home.
I like it here. 
And I think I'll be sad when it's time to back to Provo. 

So, for this last month and a half I plan on soaking up every second here!

Love you!


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