Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dear Life,

I have to say......

This past month (heck....the whole summer) of crazyness has been great.........but I'm juuuuuust about ready for it to be done.

I am getting quite anxious to settle back down in provo, with nothing to worry about except for the silly runners who have no regard for the world around them.

After a month of.....

atlanta trips:

knoxville fun:

utah weddings:

atlanta again:

and now I'm back in knox.

i don't have any pictures yet.....

but just imagine lots of boxes and bags of the prized essentials that we couldn't live without this summer.

and then picture me, my mom, all those boxes and bags, and my dog driving back to the wild wild west.

and then picture my G. Frame rumbling into town just in time to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

it's been quite the adventure.

and i've enjoyed it soooooo much!

but i can't help but imagine the simple life back in the comfort of provo. one week baby!


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