Monday, August 15, 2011


Marriage is so fun. I just feel really really blessed.

I feel like every once in awhile G and I go through little phases where we're just not quite in sync.
Ya know, 
Those times where I want to talk while he wants to sleep, and then he wants to talk while I want to sleep. Or I'm craving a burger and he's craving a pizza. And then I want to watch this movie and he wants to watch that movie. I want to go on a walk, and he wants to take a swim. And I think he's going to return the netflix, and he thinks I'm going to return the netflix.

And those times kinda stink because I'm just stuck there on a walk by myself eating a burger with no new netflix movie for a whole extra day, or two days if it's on a weekend! 

There's those times where everything just fits perfectly into place and it's like we have the same exact brain. And we're more in sync than I ever thought was humanly possible.
Marriage is a beautiful thing. And those times out of sync make those in-sync times that much more beautiful.

Those times where he's hungry when I'm hungry. And the most perfect thing to satisfy both of our cravings happens to be a big roast beef sandwich with auju sauce. And even though we're sitting in a half-furnished apartment here in good ol' tennessee, at a kitchen table that we found in the dumpster, we're still just so happy because we're sitting here together. And because then he says something that I was thinking about just .2 seconds before. Or he brings up something that I've been trying to remember to tell him for three weeks. It's those times where my dream date for the week is exactly what he has in mind. And he tells me I look pretty at the exact moment I need to hear it. Or when I'm jump-roping in the living room but I'm getting to tired too keep count of my jumps, and then he walks through the front door and just immediately begins keeping count for me without me even having to tell him. Or we climb into bed and pillow talk just enough until we both simultaneously fall asleep without even knowing it. And then, in the morning, he wakes me up with a big kiss and a cuddle, which just so happened to be exactly how I wanted to be woken up on this fine day!!!

This is marriage.

And last week my beautiful bestie started her own journey of in-and-out-of-sync moments with her new hubster.
It reminded me what marriage is all about. 
It reminded me that even when he wants a taco, 
and I want chicken nuggets.....that's fine! 
Heck, that's what food courts are for! 

Mr. and Mrs. Trobridge,
I guess that's my advice for you....
Sure, there will be times where you just aren't meshing quite like you want. But just hold out, because that's one of the beauties of marriage. Learn how to interlock your fingers and walk through life together. And when he thinks you guys should turn left, and you want to go right....follow him this time, and then he'll follow you next time. And then all of a sudden you'll both have the same path in mind. 
And enjoy every second of it! 
I've only been married a year, 
and there's already been so much more 
enjoyment than I could have ever imagined! 
That's all.
Love you two!

thanks for letting me steal some pics Jamie!


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