Sunday, September 04, 2011

3 shirts

yesterday i changed my shirt THREE times.
and i watched waaaay too much tv.

here's the story:

first: utah state game! (v. auburn)
I never really expect much from my cute little aggie football team,
especially when they are playing the latest champions.
But this ended up being the most exciting game of the day!
And even though we lost it at the end,
I am still so proud of my team!
second: byu v ole miss
I watched this in honor of my G-rett.
And we were both a little disappointed in the lack of excitement of the game.
But a win is a win and we're happy with that!
 last but not least: bsu v georgia!!!
At the beginning of the day, I was probably looking forward to this game the most.
But by the time it came around I was all footballed out.
Luckily we had friends over and lots of snacks to keep me half-way sane!

12 hours of football in one day is waaaaay too much.
And now that I've done it, I'll never do it again.

But it was fun to cheer on my teams and enjoy the day with Garrett.

I think next week I'll pull out the sewing machine and just ask for periodic updates.
Sounds good to me!



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