Friday, September 23, 2011

All Stars!

Hey you,

Ever heard of these guys??????

Team Fredette

  • Jimmer Fredette (first round pick of the Sacramento Kings out of BYU)
  • Kenneth Faried (first round pick of the Denver Nuggets out of Morehead State)
  • Chris Singleton (first round pick of the Washington Wizards out of Florida State)
  • Nolan Smith (first round pick of the Portland Trail Blazers out of Duke)
  • Tyler Honeycutt (second round pick of the Sacramento Kings out of UCLA)
  • Jackson Emery (undrafted out of BYU)
  • Chris Wright (undrafted out of Dayton)
  • Charles Jenkins (second round pick of the Golden State Warriors out of Hofstra)

Team Leonard

  • Kawhi Leonard (first round pick of the San Antonio Spurs out of San Diego State)
  • Kemba Walker (first round pick of the Charlotte Bobcats out of UCONN)
  • Bismack Biyombo (first round pick of the Charlotte Bobcats from the Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Tobias Harris (first round pick of the Milwaukee Bucks out of Tennessee)
  • Malcolm Lee (second round pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves out of UCLA)
  • Vernon Macklin (second round pick of Detroit Pistons out of Florida)
  • Isaiah Thomas (second round pick of the Sacramento Kings out of Washington)
  • Jake Kelly (undrafted out of Indiana State) neither.....

Other than Kemba, Jackson, and Jimmer.....I didn't really know any of those guys. But last night I quickly learned that they are definitely somebodies in the world of basketball!

We met up with a bunch of our friends, got great seats, and watched some of the greatest All Stars from last season play a great game of basketball! It was exciting to see Mr Jimmer himself play in the Marriott Center. It was another one of those things we just had to do since G Frame is a BYUer....and since, even if I try not to, I can't help but love Jimmer! 

It was really amazing to see so many great ballers on one court! We really didn't care at all who won, we just wanted to see some great ball! And we sure were treated!

There were some great dunks, steals, and blocks.....and even an interesting half-time show with the one and only TJ Fredette and some DJ who seemed to love saying "prooooo-vO!" over and over again.

For the last minute of the game, they backed off their defense and just let each team set up some killer dunks! It was like our own personal Slam Dunk show! We were going crazy! 

This being my last semester, I can't help but soak up every college-y experience I can get my hands on.....even if that means I'll mostly be attending BYU games/events. 
I'm happy to sit next to lover boy and cheer on his school with long as they aren't playing my aggies or broncos- of course!!!

As for documentation.....

a lil tribute to the byu cougars!

a few of the gang

Anyways, I still have a million boating pictures to post, but I'll save those for tomorrow I guess!

Have a beautiful Friday night!!!!


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