Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Football games with lover boy!

So, I wish I could start this post out by telling you that life has settled down, we are 100% unpacked, and we get to spend our days relaxing and watching Teen Mom and New Girl.

But that, my friends is not even close to the case.

Actually, to be honest, yesterday I ignored all my homework and responsibilities and to do lists, and watched FOUR straight episodes of Teen Mom! Thank you TiVo!

But aside from yesterday, life has been busy. But still so so fun!

Since our days are packed with:
-insurance agents
-researching emergency prep
-reading textbooks
-and millions of mundane responsibilities that have to get done.

After all of that we sometimes have to take a break and treat ourselves to a fun night out!

So.....this weekend G and I put on our blue, grabbed our blanket, and walked ourselves right up to cougar stadium where husbands school was defending their turf against their biggest rival. This is usually the biggest game of the season, but unfortunately it was quite a disappointment. Even though husbands team lost, we were still really glad that we got to go!

I had forgotten what it's like to sit in a stadium of excitement! The anxious energy of each student rising with every note of the pre-game national anthem. I couldn't help but smile when the crowd erupted in encouragement and fireworks lit the sky. This, my friends, is one of the greatest enjoyments of collegehood! And even though we lost, it was still so so fun (at least for me)!

Don't worry! We documented it!

next up?
Jimmer Game!


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  1. kaela you are just the cutest. I think it every time I read your blog. You look super cute in these pics!


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