Sunday, September 25, 2011


Being back in Provo, G and I can't help but notice how blessed we are to have such great friends!

We've got a great mixture of friends....some I had before getting married, some G had before getting married, and some couples that we've met since being married.

This past month has just been packed with dinners, game nights, saturday football parties, boating trips, random shopping runs, movie nights, attending byu games, and saturday intermurals...
all with such great company.

When I count my blessings, I can't help but dedicate a little time to our wonderful friends.

I'm also really grateful that G had such a good group of guy friends in high school
....and that they all married such fun wives! 

G has stayed really close with all his guy friends and I LOVE it!

Every year that G has been at BYU, he and his high school buddies have started their own flag football team in the fall and their own basketball team in the spring.

Right now it's football season, so they get to meet up at least once a week for their games.

On game days Garrett is giddy all day! It's so fun to see my husband so anxious and excited for something. It's pretty much all he thinks about all day.

Usually, he's so anxious to go, that he starts getting ready an hour early, and convinces himself that he needs to be there super early to 'warm up.'
But we all know his patience has worn out and he just can't wait anymore.

He heads off with his cleats and his special sticky football gloves....and I hang around the house for another 30 minutes before I show up with his water, a blanket, and my own personal game-watching chair (and normally some goldfish in case I get hungry).

Normally the other wives show up too and we have lots of fun!
I've started calling it our own little wives club.
We help each other cheer on our husbands, and tell each other when our guys do something great!
Sometimes when I forget to pay attention for a little second.....the other wives keep watch for me and let me know if I need to send out a cheer for Garrett for doing something good, and I do the same for them.
We always have fun!

Anyways, since this might be G's last year, and the team has never taken a picture together, 
I tortured the boys into posing for me.

They were good sports about it, and I think they enjoyed it better than I thought they would.
They made sure to put their sticky gloves back on, and get in real team picture formation.
"serious faces" they said....of course.

I couldn't help but laugh, and be grateful that we have such great friends!

above: G making a great catch, running a great run, and scoring a touchdown!

aren't they so fun?



  1. How fun for you guys to all be down there! It looks like so much fun-Kaela, if ever you two are in town let us know we would love to have you over or to set something up!

  2. Tiffany! We definitely will! I think we're planning on coming in October! We'll let you know! We want to meet miss Ella!


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