Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random things update....

1. Last week (or maybe the week before), G and I met up with one of his mission families from Australia! They were so so sweet and we were so happy to be able to spend a night reminiscing.
And I'll tell ya what, I fall more and more in love with that Husband of mine every day. On this particular day it just made my heart melt to hear about what a good missionary he was. That is....when I could actually understand what those Aussies were saying. I know they supposedly speak english....but I. am. tellin ya, I barely understand 7% of what was comin out of their mouths.
The dad's name was Warner. But in Australia they don't say their 'r's. And I'm pretty sure they say their W's weird too. So pretty sure I thought they were saying 'wanna' all 'want to'. Example: "Warner loves trains." And I heard "Wanna like trains..." And so my response was all, "huh, is that a question? Sure! I would love to love trains....what?"
It wasn't good. A couple times I was in the middle of responding to something they said, and in mid-reply I realized at least one more option for what they might have I just did the fade out and pretended nothing happened. Pretty sure I played it off real well though. No worries, mate!

2. My car, aka Ron/Ronald/Ronaldo, had a birthday! We had a big party and my imagination. One might not think much of a car birthday party, but my imagination can be pretty majestic, if I do say so myself.

3. Meet G Frame's hat.
{insert here: picture of G's hat}

Okay, actually.... I can't do it. And I'll tell ya why. It is the most disgusting hat ever. See, when we lived in a little place I like to call Tennessee this summer, in order to be more relatable to the customers, G went out and bought himself a Tennessee hat. Like University of Tennessee....or Tennessee University. I'm not sure which one it is. All I have are a couple clues for you if you are really interested: 1) Orange is it's color. 2) Payton Manning attended said university (I love the Mannings). and 3) It is the same Tennessee that Big Mike from 'The Blindside' ALMOST goes to (sorry if I just ruined the ending for you). Good luck.... Anyways! Garrett wore this hat alllll summer. And I'm not sure if you're aware, but it's bloody hot in Tennessee and so that hat soaked up a LOT of sweat. Yup, I'm just puttin it right out there. Also, I really don't like this school of Tennessee. I don't remember why at the moment....but I think it has something to do with the fact that 1) Eli Manning went to Ole Miss/the rival (and I like Eli better), 2) the Blindside, and 3) I'm pretty sure there's at least one more reason but I don't recall at this moment. So recap: 1) The hat is sweaty and faded where the sweat absorbed, and there's even a gross brown line showing the world just how far that sweat absorbed. and 2) We don't even like that school. and 3) (just for kicks) The hat was only like $5, so I don't know why we're so attached anyways! But G really insists that it's a perfect 'work hat.' 
Anyways, the other day G and I were discussing the fate of said hat, and....well, things got a liiiiiittle heated.

This is how it went:
K: Honey, I'm going to throw out this hat, okay?
G: Honey, please don't! It's a perfect work hat!
K: Honey.
G: Honey!
K: Honnn-nney
G: Honey.....
K: Hon-
G: Hon.

And then it was over. He clearly won!

Once I realized our argument I couldn't help but laugh.

But here, I'll translate it for you:
K: Honey, I'm going to throw out this hat, okay?
G: Honey, please don't! It's a perfect work hat!
K: Work hat?! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Anyways, I think it's about time we move some of your other 'good hats' to 'work hat' status. This. is. happening!
G: This is not happening! You can't just prance right in here and start trowing away my stuff and demoting my hats! I'm keeping the hat!
K: Siiiiiiiiigh!!!!! It's just an ugly hat! And I just know that if we keep it then one of these day's you'll want to wear it....and I'll be so disgusted I won't be able to concentrate on anything else all night.
G: I'll only wear it while working on the truck or when I'm working outside. I promise! And I'll go put it somewhere where you don't have to see it and you can forget it still even exists in this home.
K. You promise?
G: You can trust me.

So, that's pretty much what happened. 
But! Let the record show, in real time, as I sit in this exact spot::::

4. I got some new shades, and I'm not gonna lie....I feel pretty fly when I wear them!
(almost like the kid in 'Big Daddy' who is invisible when he wears his sunglasses.....except I'm invincible! It's pretty fun. also, they were only three dolla!)

On that note!!!

Goodnight my friends!


p.s. I'm kinda in a weirdy mood tonight.....if you can't tell.

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