Friday, October 21, 2011

the good and the bad

yesterday whilst talking to my dear sister leah....
(sn: i'm probably going to start saying whilst a lot more...mostly/completely because of this blog)
she asked me how my day was.

and i couldn't decide. there seem to be a lot of kind of stinky things happening right now, but also some really great things.

lets weigh it out.

Good: It's Fall Break! Which means I didn't have school yesterday or today (+3 points)! And yesterday I had a really fun girls day out with my bestie MJ (+4 points)! It was so fun! Lunch at Zupas, mall shopping for an extended period of time, smoothie break, and then some more shopping/browsing at the cutest boutique up the street!

Bad: I got in a baby car accident earlier this week. I was almost completely reversed out of my parking spot when the car behind me started reversing rather fastly. I stopped reversing and started honking. I seriously honked like 5-8 times. And she didn't look back once.....not until she had already slammed into my car. I was quite perterbed. I don't have time for that junk! (-6 points)

Bad: I have a very long, single-spaced, paper due tuesday. And it is weighing on me. (-2 points)

Good: Tomorrow we're going up to Salt Lake to see Tayler's first dance recital! Is there anything cuter than watching 3-year olds dance?! (+2 points)

Bad: G and I haven't had health insurance for like 9 months (-1 point), which we didn't do on purpose, but it ended up saving us lots of money (+1pt) because we haven't even needed it. But we finally decided to stop risking it and apply...and we got denied. What?! We're young and healthy! So now I have no idea what to do (-9 pts).

Good: This past summer we were really blessed to work with an awesome company! We loved them and they loved us! In fact, they love us so much that they decided to take us on a cruise for free in January! So when it's bitter cold here in Narnia, we'll get to hop on over to the Caribbean and cruise through the warm ocean for 7 whole days! Hello Florida, Grand Cayman, Belize, Cozumel, and Mahogany Bay! Hello 3rd honeymoon! Hello sun on my vitamin-D deprived skin! (+1 million pts).

Good: The Christmas music that I'm listening to right this second (+1pt).

Bad: The sniffles that I've had for a couple days. I hate sniffling (-1pt).

Good: G Frame. (+1 gazillion pts).

Good: Another nephew coming in March!!! (+lots of points!).

Bad: The only family we have left in Utah moving away (-lots of points).

Good: Knowing that 'The Santa Clause' and 'Elf' will shortly be arriving in my mail box! Seriously, it's not Christmas without those classics! (+5pts).

Good: That I still have Saturday tomorrow! Practically three Saturdays this week! (+3pts).

Good: That my 'Good' points clearly outweigh my 'Bad' points!

Life is good!



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  1. Let's adopt each other as family because we don't have any either!! Jade told me about the move today! Crazy!


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