Friday, October 07, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

There's something about:
- the first snow of the season.
- seeing your breath in the winter air.
- waking up to a solid 61 degrees in your house.
- drinking hot chocolate!
- seeing the mountains covered in white.
- listening to the rain hit my rooftop as I fall asleep.
- thunder as my alarm clock.
- long johns and tall socks!
- cardigans and pea coats!
- cough drops
- sick days with best friend watching hours tivo-ed shows!
- feeling the cold air drafting through our poor excuse for windows.

That makes me want to:
- cuddle with husband all night (CHECK)
- light holiday smelling candles (CHECK)
- decorate for the holidays! (but g won't let me yet)
- wish people 'merry Christmas!' (CHECK) (I've wished g Merry Christmas like 4 times now, and he refuses to hear me every single time)
- listen to Christmas music! (coming soon)
- make a thanksgiving dinner! (CHECK)
- spend hours in the kitchen trying new recipes! (CHECK- post coming soon)
- wear boots and scarves (CHECK)
- go shopping!
- get a puppy! (I wish)

Other than the fact that anything less than 2 cough drops in my mouth at one time elicits a viscous cough attack, life is good. Like every holiday season, I'm getting ahead of myself. And it seems like this year I'm taking it to a whole new level. Even ask G. My patience has run dry. Why not though?! I don't see anything wrong with stretching out the holidays! So bring it on winter! Christmas, you can come early this year if you please. Please please please!


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